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Got quotes over 6 quotes in 30 minutes and could check out there profiles for reviews etc
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Daniel Gadeki
Love using Hypley when I am planning large events. Very easy to access their network of suppliers for fast organising.
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Ellie Guzil
Event Planner


Most frequent questions and answers
Also known as Bridal or Wedding Consultants, Wedding Planners are responsible for assisting clients in planning entire weddings or specific wedding activities. They discuss wedding logistics with clients, negotiate vendor contracts, and ensure that wedding-day activities run smoothly.
Here at Hypley, we make sure that you get your weddings and events planned perfectly in the cheapest prices.

1. Begin Early

2. Remain Flexible

3. Assign Responsibilities

4. Have a Backup Plan

5 Do a Run Through of the entire event process

6. Photograph Everything

Hypley takes away all your stress by providing you the all the services in one place that you need to organize your event!


Hypley event planners works directly with the client to determine the customer’s vision, needs, and budget. For example, if it’s a wedding, We may discuss the couple’s intended tone, the level of formality, and the size of the guest list.

Becoming an event planner takes years of experience. A planner carries a lot of responsibility ensuring the client is happy and designing an event that fits the customer’s needs and expectations.


The devil is in the detail, which makes event planning pretty darn devilish. In our jobs, it’s all about the details – dates, times, venue specs, sponsorship, marketing, technical requirements, catering and an ever-expanding list of contact details for sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, colleagues and attendees. The success of any event comes down to your ability to plan down to the smallest level of detail and make sure they are well executed.

Finding the right venue, on the right date, in the right location can be SO HARD. If you want to avoid holding your event in Bates Motel or in the backroom of your local boozer, then you are going to face challenges. Popular venues are expensive and get booked up quickly. Venue finders are unreliable and time-consuming. Some venues, despite claiming otherwise, just aren’t equipped to host professional events.

On the other side, Hypley provides you with the best venues at there cheapest prices!

Wedding Planners help couples successfully plan their wedding day and see that everything runs smoothly. As a wedding planner, your responsibilities include establishing a planning timeline and working with the bride and groom to choose everything from attire, to ceremony and reception venues, music, and food.
around $600
Expect to pay around $600 (national average) for a day of wedding coordinator. A day-of coordinator specializes in managing the detailed timeline and services at the wedding venue on the day of the event, and can take care of any logistical issues that may arise so you can focus on your big day.
Find out the best rates with Hypley now!
Stressor: Physical Demands & Deadlines

You intimately know every detail and now, it’s time to roll. The event coordinator is often the primary point of contact the day(s) of the event. Stress factors here include the need to always be “on” and hyper-vigilance. Perhaps, however, the largest contributor is time.

Hypley takes away all your stress!

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