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Heart Heart Events Responds within 8 hours

Couples Picnics
$ 395

As above, plus sparkling wine & water + styled cake...

Proposals & Elopements
$ 595

Including custom signage, edited photos, French champagne, upgraded flower bouquet/arrangement,...

Group Picnics
$ 450

3-4 guests, $450 5-6 guests, $550 7-10 guests, $750 11-12...

$ 250

4 – 6 ppl :: $250 7 – 10 ppl...

Styled platters and platter boxes
$ 160


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Amazing Graze Brisbane Responds within 8 hours

3M Grazing Spread
$ 850

For $850, our 3M grazing spread can feed 60-70 people.

2M Grazing Spread
$ 650

For $650, our 2M grazing spread can feed 40-50 people.

1.5M Grazing Spreads
$ 450

For $450, our 1.5M grazing spread can feed 20-30 people.

1M Grazing Spread
$ 350

For $350, our 1M grazing spread can feed 10-20 people

Medium Platter Box
$ 55

Antipasto & Cheese Platter Box Can feed up to 8...

Large Platter Box
$ 105

Antipasto & Cheese Platter Box Can feed up to 8...

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Petals&Platters Cafe Responds within 8 hours

Grazing Table Brunch
$ 365

feeds 10-20 for about $365

Grazing Table Children's Birthday
$ 354

has been customised to include child-friendly treats.

Grazing Table High Tea
$ 365

made with some of the usual grazing table treats.

Grazing Table Standard Mixed
$ 365

may include a variety of soft and hard cheeses such...

The Lads Platter The Lads...
$ 164

This platter has all your lunch or dinner snacks.

Fruit Platter
$ 80

Feeds 6-8ppl An amazing array of fresh, bright fruit.

Breakfast Grazing Box
$ 55

A Grazing box filled with everything delicious you want to...

Standard Grazing Box
$ 55

All our Grazing Boxes include the following items and the...

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Garden Picnic Responds within 6 hours

Picnic Table for Two
$ 200

Our packages include: tables white Rugs Cushions (assorted colours) Placemats...

Picnic Table for Four
$ 250

Our packages include: tables white Rugs Cushions (assorted colours) Placemats...

Picnic Table for Ten
$ 350

Our packages include: tables white Rugs Cushions (assorted colours) Placemats...

Picnic Table for Twenty
$ 450

Our packages include: tables white Rugs Cushions (assorted colours) Placemats...

Grazing Tray for Two
$ 40

A variety of snacks including meats, cheeses, breadsticks and crackers,...

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The Picnic Society Responds within 8 hours

Luxury Pop Up Picnic
$ 250

Picnic setting for 2+ people. Package includes us coming to...

Grazing Table
$ 500

Grazing table set up for any number of people. Price...

Grazing box
$ 110

Grazing box delivery. Price depends on box size and delivery...

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La Paparedda Responds within 8 hours

Mini (1-2)
$ 75
Small (3-5)
$ 145
Medium (6-9)
$ 185
Large (10-14)
$ 239
Mini (1-2)
$ 75

(minimum 3 per order)

Small (3-5)
$ 110
Medium (6-9)
$ 169
Large (10-14)
$ 199

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Home Grazing Responds within 8 hours

Grazing Table
$ 25

Per Person

Grazing + Dessert
$ 30

Per Person

Grazing + Dessert + Appetisers
$ 38

Per Person

Couple Grazing Box
$ 35
Medium Box
$ 85
Large Box
$ 125
Medium Fruit Box
$ 65
Large Fruit Box
$ 85
40 By 40 Grazing Platter
$ 340

5-15 ppl

40 By 40 Desert Platter
$ 280

5-15 ppl

60 By 60 Grazing Platter
$ 400

15-30 ppl

60 By 120 Platter
$ 800

35+ ppl

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Do Something Amazing Grazing Responds within 8 hours

Edible Gift Boxes
$ 40

Edible gift boxes start at $40.

Brunch Grazing Boxes
$ 65

At around $65 to $85, brunch grazing boxes are available.

Baby Shower Sweet Boxe
$ 75

At around $75 to $95, baby shower sweet boxes are...

Birthday Party Sweet Boxes
$ 70

At roughly $70 to $90, birthday party sweet boxes are...

Choc & Lolly Grazing Box
$ 65

Choc & Lolly Grazing Box roughly at $65 to $85

Fruit & Choc Grazing Boxes
$ 65

Fruit & Choc Grazing Boxes roughly at $65 to $85

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Feast & Graze Co. Responds within 8 hours

The Classic Box
$ 50
Just For Me Box Regular
$ 12
The Flora Cheese Box
$ 50

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Visually Spectacular Catering Responds within 8 hours

$ 96

Platter serves 10guests (Minimum 6 Platters per Booking) at around...

$ 65

Feasting platters with 5 Selections at around $65.

$ 75

Feasting platters with 6 Selections at around $75.

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Platter Parlour Responds within 8 hours

Top grazing Reviews

  • Marshall Watson
    29th April 2022 at 10:09 am

    Last week, I hired Kel to assist me with a picnic in the park for my partner’s birthday. She went above and above to make it a memorable event, far exceeding my expectations (and also helped me earn a few brownie points on the home front….).

    Helpful Review
  • Dan Killpatrick
    29th April 2022 at 10:06 am

    Kelly is a fantastic party planner! She had planned a beach picnic for my boyfriend, but the weather was gloomy and rainy on the day of the picnic. Kelly offered an appropriate covered alternate spot without urging. It was a huge success! Beautiful floral arrangements, cuisine, and decor.
    Kelly’s services come highly recommended from me. I’m excited to see what she plans for the next time because I’ll definitely be back.

    Helpful Review
  • Prianca Maharaj
    29th April 2022 at 9:59 am

    Heart Heart Events performed a great job in my family’s backyard for my birthday. She was very accommodating with meal requests and was always accessible to talk about the details of the event. Her excitement and passion for event planning and execution shine through in her work! Kelly, thank you very much!💕

    Helpful Review
  • Amanda Hayhoe
    29th April 2022 at 9:47 am

    Heart Heart went above and beyond for my company’s Medieval themed Extravaganza on Friday night at the Sunshine Castle in Bli Bli. The cuisine was wonderful, and the service was above and beyond our expectations. Everything we had hoped for and more. Without a doubt, we will use her services again. Thank you, Kel, and the rest of the gals, for a lovely evening. The team at CR2SM .

    Helpful Review
  • Narisa Purples
    29th April 2022 at 9:44 am

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for all of your work in organizing the bridal shower on our behalf. Everyone had a wonderful, laid-back afternoon. The dinner was delicious, and the table was really stunning. The bride-to-be was overjoyed and couldn’t have been more pleased. It was a real pleasure to deal with you.

    Helpful Review
  • Lauren Purnell
    29th April 2022 at 9:42 am

    Our expectations were exceeded by Heart Heart Events! Everything was beautifully packaged and laid out with meticulous attention to detail. We cannot express our gratitude enough for your efforts and will gladly suggest you in the future!

    Helpful Review
  • Hayley Mccormick
    29th April 2022 at 9:40 am

    Excellent customer service Kell exceeded our expectations and made my daughter’s 21st birthday one to remember. Her service comes highly recommended.

    Helpful Review
  • Julie Hay
    29th April 2022 at 9:27 am

    We had Kelly style our Xmas party at our hair salon over the weekend, and we couldn’t be happier. My team adored it because it was nicely arranged and instagrammable. We were able to enjoy ourselves because the food and setup were taken care of for us with no effort on my part. I would strongly suggest Heart Heart Events 💗.

    Helpful Review
  • Carmie Jane
    29th April 2022 at 9:24 am

    Kelly was incredible. She assisted me in planning a lovely and memorable afternoon/evening for my proposal. Everything went smoothly. I had a concept, but she enhanced it for us. She hung around to capture the scene with some great professional shots, from the flowers to the exquisite arrangement. Thank you so much for making it an unforgettable proposal. xxx A&C

    Helpful Review
  • Kate Lorel
    29th April 2022 at 9:21 am

    We can’t thank you enough for everything; everything was amazing. 💕

    Helpful Review
  • Dani
    29th April 2022 at 9:17 am

    😍😍It was really beautiful and amazing. Thank you a lot! It was a picture-perfect afternoon. You were just amazing. Thank you one more✨😘

    Helpful Review
  • Rebecca Berlips
    29th April 2022 at 8:57 am

    Thank you so much for creating such a lovely indoor picnic setting.

    Helpful Review
  • Zoe Zo
    29th April 2022 at 8:48 am

    Heart Heart Event 💗🌺 thank you so much for what you do!! It was extremely wonderful!! Bub can’t wait to meet you!! 💜xxx✨

    Helpful Review
  • Fiona Jane
    29th April 2022 at 8:35 am

    It was amazing in every way 🌿 Thank you for planning the most beautiful picnic for Chloe 🧡 as well as being so lovely and accommodating down to the last detail 🌿

    Helpful Review
  • Ongelique King
    29th April 2022 at 8:33 am

    You made the most incredible day!!!!! Such a lovely and gorgeous event ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ will be remembered for a long time. Heart Heart Events is really professional and a delight to work with 🙏

    Helpful Review
  • Charmie E.C.
    29th April 2022 at 8:22 am

    Unforgettable experience!!! Thank you so much – it was much better than I had hoped!!!!!!

    Helpful Review
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