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Picnic Package 1
$ 350

One low wooden table, rugs, cushions, set up and pack...

Picnic Package 2
$ 450

Includes: Picnic tables, rugs, cushions, set up and pack down...

$ 65

Suitable to feed 1-2 guests

$ 90

Suitable to feed 2-4 guests

$ 150

Suitable to feed 6-10 guests

$ 65

Suitable to feed 1-2 guests

$ 90

Suitable to feed 2-4 guests

$ 150

Suitable to feed 6-10 guests

$ 65

Suitable to feed 1-2 guests

$ 90

Suitable to feed 2-4 guests

$ 150

Suitable to feed 6-10 guests

$ 65

Suitable to feed 1-2 guests

$ 90

Suitable to feed 2-4 guests

$ 150

Suitable to feed 6-10 guests

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Couples Picnics
$ 395

As above, plus sparkling wine & water + styled cake...

Proposals & Elopements
$ 595

Including custom signage, edited photos, French champagne, upgraded flower bouquet/arrangement,...

Group Picnics
$ 450

3-4 guests, $450 5-6 guests, $550 7-10 guests, $750 11-12...

$ 250

4 – 6 ppl :: $250 7 – 10 ppl...

Styled platters and platter boxes
$ 160


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Grazing Table
$ 300

For about $300, 1m x.40m grazing table for 10-20 people.

Small Grazing Box
$ 55

For about $ 55, 25.5CM X 15.5CM X 8CM Small...

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Grazing Boxes
$ 70

suit 2-4 people at around $70​

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3M Grazing Spread
$ 850

For $850, our 3M grazing spread can feed 60-70 people.

2M Grazing Spread
$ 650

For $650, our 2M grazing spread can feed 40-50 people.

1.5M Grazing Spreads
$ 450

For $450, our 1.5M grazing spread can feed 20-30 people.

1M Grazing Spread
$ 350

For $350, our 1M grazing spread can feed 10-20 people

Medium Platter Box
$ 55

Antipasto & Cheese Platter Box Can feed up to 8...

Large Platter Box
$ 105

Antipasto & Cheese Platter Box Can feed up to 8...

Donut Wall
$ 50

Hire one of our Donut Walls for your special event!...

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Grazing Table Brunch
$ 365

feeds 10-20 for about $365

Grazing Table Children's Birthday
$ 354

has been customised to include child-friendly treats.

Grazing Table High Tea
$ 365

made with some of the usual grazing table treats.

Grazing Table Standard Mixed
$ 365

may include a variety of soft and hard cheeses such...

The Lads Platter The Lads...
$ 164

This platter has all your lunch or dinner snacks.

Fruit Platter
$ 80

Feeds 6-8ppl An amazing array of fresh, bright fruit.

Breakfast Grazing Box
$ 55

A Grazing box filled with everything delicious you want to...

Standard Grazing Box
$ 55

All our Grazing Boxes include the following items and the...

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Grazing Tables Starting from
$ 175
Grazing Boxes Staring from
$ 85
Picnic Hire
$ 140

DIY Picnic for 2

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$ 179

This package is perfect for those on a budget but...

$ 330

This package is perfect for our couples wanting a romantic...

$ 350

This package is perfect for our couples wanting a romantic...

$ 499

Our luxe picnic packages are simply put quite stunning, you...

$ 595

Inclusions: • 2 hours of pure bliss • Picnic table...

$ 599

Our Soiree package has it all! Perfect for those larger...

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Signature Grazing Table - 1...
$ 200

Feeds 10-20 people Comes:Shaved meats and cheeses.Fresh fruits.Crackers, fresh breads...

Signature Grazing Table - 2...
$ 320

Feeds 20-40 peopleComes:Shaved meats and cheeses.Fresh fruits.Crackers, fresh breads and...

Signature Grazing Table - 3...
$ 500

Feeds 40-60 Comes:Shaved meats and cheeses.Fresh fruits.Crackers, fresh breads and...

4 m Grazing Table
$ 840

Feeds 60-80 people. Comes:Shaved meats and cheeses.Fresh fruits.Crackers, fresh breads...

Small platter
$ 99

Platter for 4-8 people

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Charcuterie Skewers
$ 100

At $100 Charcuterie Skewers (1 order feeds 10 people)

Small Platter
$ 58

Good for 2-3 people our small platter is from $58

Medium Platter
$ 90

Good for 4-6 people our medium platter is from $90.00

Large Platter
$ 132

Good for 7-10 people our large platter is from $132.00

Sylvia Grazing Table
$ 473

Sylvia good for 25ppl at around $473.00

Mildred Grazing Table
$ 683

Mildred.40 - 60ppl for about $683.00

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Grazing Tables Starting from
$ 269

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  1. Craving4grazing
  2. You want to impress your friends, family, and coworkers, therefore you're looking for the greatest grazers. We will ensure that the grazing table at your next event is the best it can be.A wedding stylist isn't the same as a regular event stylist, and being a wedding planner entails a lot more than just planning an event. We realise that on their wedding day, couples like you want uniqueness and personalisation, so we take away the worry and offer you the wedding of your dreams.This is j...

  3. Heart Heart Events
  4. Planning a picnic or romantic picnic? Look no further! We are the local event planners in Brisbane, Queensland. From picnics and special occasions to beautiful weddings and corporate events, we provide everything you need to make your event a success.We offer a variety of packages for you to choose from. Whether it's a picnic event, romantic picnic or proposal, platter boxes, or grazing tables, we have exactly what you need. Book now!We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional and exc...

  5. Fig and Brie Grazing
  6. Ella is in charge of every part of this business, from planning to style to delivery. Ella will put in the effort to make your vision a reality because we all know that life's celebrations and milestones deserve good cheese and good company. Fig and Brie might just be plenty for your next special occasion, whether it's a park celebration, business meetings, brunch with the girls, or your weekly date night.

  7. Little Molly Gourmet
  8. We try to help you out with all the hard work, so you can spend more time with your guests. Our platter boxes, flatware, and condiment containers, which we use for all of our grazing boxes and high teas, are also made from recycled materials. We also ensure that our lids are manufactured from biodegradable materials. We love to cater your next event. We can help you create a custom package, or choose from our latest platter box designs.This is one of our favourite boxes to produce! Whether y...

  9. Amazing Graze Brisbane
  10. The best grazing table, grazing box and grazing platters in Brisbane. No matter what type of party you're hosting or where you're serving food, we have the perfect solution for your next event! With our wide selection of grazing tables and grazing platters, you can create an irresistible spread at any event. Our elegant designs are perfect for buffets, parties and celebrations alike.Whether entertaining guests, serving a buffet or hosting the meal at the end of the night, our service is the ...

  11. Petals&Platters Cafe
  12. Our catering team will ensure that every element of your next meeting, party, or event is handled with the highest level of expertise and service possible. Our experienced chefs know what tastes good and can tailor our menu to suit any occasion. We've got something for every guest that you invite to your next event. Whether it's snacks, appetizers, or full meals, we've got everything you need to feed a crowd.Focusing on providing both excellent service and exceptional food, we’re the premi...

  13. Platter of Fact
  14. The team at Platter of Fact is dedicated to ‘stepping up to the plate'!We prepare our Platter selections using fresh, locally sourced products and produce to provide delicious, natural options for all palates and dietary concerns.What gives our Platters their "Wow" factor and distinguishes them from the competition? Teryl, our passionate platter artist and proprietor, prepares each order with care, demonstrating our dedication to detail, design, and utility.

  15. Gather & Graze Perth
  16. When starting Gather & Graze our goal was to supply quality fresh produce delivered to your door for your next gathering or celebration taking the stress out of your busy lifestyle.We pride ourselves on food presentation & our produce is of high quality from hand selected cheeses, cold meats, fresh fruits and a variety of antipasto to suit everyone’s taste.

  17. Melanie Jane Weddings and Events
  18. We are a team of creatives who are passionate about making your event unforgettable, and we’re here to help you. From our beautifully styled picnics to wedding and event planning, coordination, and styling; wedding hire, balloons, and backdrops; party/lolly carts hire - we have what it takes to create truly inspired parties!Your event is the most important day of your life, and you want every detail to be perfect. We understand this, and can help you create a memorable experience for all y...

  19. Picnic Grove
  20. At Picnic Grove, breathtaking grazing tables are our specialty. Since introducing this one-of-a-kind grazing table trend in 2016, we have created hundreds of beautiful tablescapes for different events both large and small. Our decorative feasts set the tone for simply spectacular events such as weddings, birthdays, product launches, corporate events, and many types of social gatherings. Elaborately set up with wooden boards, marble plates, risers, crates, props, and unique cheese knives our deli...

  21. Adelaide pop up picnics and grazing
  22. - Event catering, style and hire Grazing boxes and tables Luxurious picnics

  23. Bliss Boards
  24. Bliss Boards is a bespoke catering company based on the Northern Gold Coast that designs and creates grazing tables, platters, and picnic boxes to bring life to your special occasion.We know what creates the perfect plate, and we feel that cheese and good company enhance all of life's events. From private dates to corporate meetings to the wedding of your dreams, we'll do everything we can to make your vision a reality, make life easier, and stimulate and sustain the conversation.

Grazing is eating small amounts of food throughout the day. It’s usually recommended to eat more often than that, but grazing let’s your body maintain its healthy weight and organ functions at it’s best, while still enjoying the occasional treat.


Grazing FAQ’s

It’s a grazing table, as the name implies! It’s similar to a buffet, but it’s been intended to be visually appealing and easy to pick and nibble at food for guests. It’s most commonly a table, but it could also be a large platter, wooden board, counter, or any other large, flat surface. Food items aren’t always contained on plates or bowls, but rather piled beautifully in stacks that spill, overlap, and tangle into one another, making it seem as good as it tastes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is organized chaos.

It’s appropriate for a wide range of corporate events, attendees, themes, and budgets, and it never fails to impress.

A “grazing table” is a tablescape with elegantly arranged meats, cheese, crudité, seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations, and serving tools and dishes, as well as seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations, and serving utensils and dishes. It’s a casual approach for you and your guests to get to know one another without having to cook and prepare a formal meal.

On a grazing table, you won’t find a chafing dish! It’s frequently brimming with finger foods, making it easier for attendees to mingle while nibbling. At room temperature, the meal should also keep well.

On grazing tables, cheese, fruit, and charcuterie boards and platters are usual, but you can have any type of food you desire, depending on your budget and theme. Breads, dips, breadsticks, crackers, raw vegetables, condiments, bite-sized finger sandwiches, sweet snacks, pretzels, fresh and dried fruit, almonds, olives, etc,. Here, the options are limitless.

Setup is simple and low maintenance.

  • Instead of worrying about replenishing a chafing dish, you can spend more time with your guests.
  • Gives you a full-fledged eating experience.
  • Allows your guests to sample a little bit of everything
  • Allows you to be inventive and unique when it comes to your grazing table.


The price of a grazing table varies based on how intricate it is, the quality of the ingredients used, and the size of the table. A full-looking 5-foot kitchen table should cost between $100 and $150.

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