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Have a look at the Top 10 Birthday Card in Sydney

The Lucky Charm

The Lucky Charm (TLC) is a news agency specializing in the areas of paper, printing, greeting cards, gifts and magazines.

The Lucky Charm has grown to a successful franchise with 45 stores all over the country from a small family owned firm.

The Lucky Charm is designed to provide our customers with the highest quality value for money products. We continue to give our customers more reasons to shop with us in a constantly changing retail environment.


Bespoke Letterpress

Bespoke Letterpress is a renowned letterpress studio that designs and prints excellent letterpress and hot foil stationery around the world. Bespoke Letterpress was founded by Alischa Herrmann in 2007 as a tiny business housed beneath an ancient timber house by the sea. Since then, it has evolved into an internationally recognized and celebrated brand.

From their custom-built flagship store, studio, and letterpress cafe The Press Shop in Bowral, in the rolling southern Australian hills of The Southern Highlands, they design and print their products. They print the old-fashioned method, on imported luxuriously thick paper, with patience, perfection, and a lot of love, using vintage cast iron equipment.


The Card King

Their passion at the Card King, which has been family owned and run for over 30 years, is to provide a distinctive, diversified, and high-quality assortment of classical and contemporary greeting cards for any occasion. They have a choice to suit everyone’s tastes, and we’re always on the lookout for new and intriguing anniversary, wedding or birthday card designs from across the world to offer our clients.

They believe in offering excellent service to our devoted customers in order to build long-term partnerships.



They are an art, giftware, and stationery company that features drawings and concepts produced only by illustrator Stephanie Gray. Erlenmeyer’s original line includes art prints, bookmarks, calendars, tote bags, and children’s books, in addition to lavishly themed playing cards and greeting cards.

Themes centering around the urban environment, music, characters, and personification are common in Erlenmeyer’s songs, which are often cheerful, nostalgic, and amusing. Stephanie’s artistic approach is characterized by meticulous accuracy with an ink pen, softened with carefully chosen romantic watercolor hues.


Australian Christmas Cards

Have you ever considered why your customers buy from you?

You’ll most likely claim that it’s because you’re good at what you do. That represents only a minor portion of total sales. Many firms are excellent at what they do but are not very successful. Assuming you’ve priced your services correctly and operated your firm efficiently, your success will be largely determined by your marketing skills and the quality of your client relationships. Do you actively market to your clients and strive to increase your client relationships? If you do, you’ll almost certainly see an increase in repeat purchases, recommendations, and profitability.

This is the true meaning of Australian Christmas Cards. We’re in business to assist you enhance your client relationships so that they’ll buy more, refer more, and help you grow your business.


Origami Pop Cards

The Japanese name for paper folding is origami. Folding is referred to as ORI, and paper is referred to as KAMI. They make the word “Origami,“ which is an art form that has been passed down through the generations. Kirigami is a type of paper art that is related to origami. The main difference is that origami involves folding paper, whereas kirigami involves folding and cutting paper.

They feel that one of the most important components of our lives is our connections. It is not easy for everyone to communicate their emotions. It’s simple to make someone feel unique with the best greeting card and a handwritten message full of love. With your own particular touch, it can be even more special. Origami pop cards is a company that offers beautiful handcrafted greeting cards particularly for you. These lovely handcrafted cards are laser cut and then painstakingly assembled with love and care by hand. When the recipient of these one-of-a-kind cards opens them, they will be greeted by a detailed pop-up paper sculpture.


Love Layla Australia

They create cards that are realistic, funny, and free of nonsense by designing, printing, and producing them. They also have wine labels and badges. Love Layla Australia is a tiny Sydney-based family business.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase one of their cards. Despite the fact that their quotes are the focal point of our products, the tiny nuances are not overlooked! Keep an eye out for their seasonal flyers, which always lend a sense of fun to your card-giving experience. They always prefer to interact with their consumers directly; after all, you’re not just a number; you’re also a person!


Lovely Paper

Lovely Paper was founded by Bea. Since 2012, she has called Sydney home. She is originally from Ireland. During that time, she had the opportunity to pursue her passion for lettering and letterpress, and she had her hands covered in ink numerous times.

She has met a lot of makers, both expert technical crafters who operate letterpress machines and designers who produce and print her own work, thanks to the courses she has completed and the magic of Instagram. She established Lovely Paper to share her passion for letterpress, to support small businesses that are keeping the industry alive, and to help everyone make the most of the precious times they have to express themselves authentically.


Candle Bark

For almost 15 years, Candle Bark Creations has been creating and producing greeting cards. Fiona chose to start her own business in 1996, after being inspired and encouraged by her travels abroad. Fiona began producing cards and Christmas decorations in her parents’ home, and her business took off after she sold her unique handcrafted Christmas decorations to David Jones in 1997.

They were featured in David Jones’ Christmas advertisement for that year, and despite a large re-order, they were totally sold out! Since then, Greeting Cards have been the company’s main focus, and a varied selection of greeting card collections has been established to accommodate all types of businesses and card consumers. Wedding Couple and Happy Birthday Girl are two cards in our current everyday collection that date back to the inception of the company; you’d never guess they’ve been popular for so long.



They think that love knows no bounds and should be expressed whenever and wherever your heart chooses. Only then will you be able to set yourself free and bring joy and happiness to everyone you come across. Their brand is about looking out for one another, showing our love, and being honest and sincere in everything we do. They’ve embarked on an important journey, and they’d love for you to come along with them. They’re confident that you’ll enjoy every step of the way.

They achieve this through the medium of love, and we’re committed to allowing it to blossom in every situation. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion because LovedUp cards can be used to turn any moment into a memory that will last a lifetime. They retraced their steps and linked with an ancient ritual that has been practiced for ages in order to create something genuinely remarkable. This enthusiastic search for knowledge brought them to the inspiring realm of Kirigami Art. LovedUp was born as a result of this.


All listed Sydney based Birthday Card s are providing excellent services.

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