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Top Event Organizers in Melbourne

Perfect Events

Perfect Events is Australia’s leading event planning firm. We specialize in non-profit, corporate, association, and government events, as well as unique events. We’ve organized over 900 events and helped organizations raise over $25 million in Australia and the United States since our beginning in 2007.

Perfect Events is made up of a core group of dedicated event planners. We have a combined expertise of more than 40 years in event planning, venue management, catering, hospitality, style, social media management, and marketing.

MCO Events

MCO Events is a corporate event management and branding firm committed to assisting businesses in communicating their purpose, message, or image to audiences all across Australia.

We develop one-of-a-kind brands and programs that speak to your ‘why.’ We arrange corporate events all around Australia, cultivating a reliable collaboration for all of your event needs.

MCO Events has a wealth of experience in event venue selection, catering, production, entertainment, and conference services. MCO Events is committed to assisting any company with a social objective. We’re a community-building and inspiring social enterprise.

Right Angle Events

Right Angle Events is a full-service premium event management company based in Melbourne.

We provide a range of event advisory, production, and support services as well as produce world-class events that inspire your audience to interact.

For discriminating clients around Australia, Right Angle has successfully produced boutique corporate parties, product launches, and large events. From start to finish, we work with you to understand your goals, create engaging experiences, and provide a great return on investment.


Dovetail Brand Engagement provides end-to-end event management services to businesses. We combine our creative talents, knowledge, and excellent contacts with suppliers and venues to take your brand and delegates to the next level, from idea to implementation.

From once-in-a-lifetime events to brand-building local and international conferences, national roadshows, team-building activities, and glitzy award ceremonies, there is something for everyone. We have the ability to build anything.

Alive Events Agency

Alive Events Agency is a full-service live, hybrid, and virtual event agency with over two decades of expertise in delivering award-winning, amazing live and virtual event services, experiences, and activations in Melbourne, Sydney, across Australia, and around the world.

With a complete service of 360-degree approach, we provide event creative concept, technical production, and event management services.

For Live Events, Hybrid Events, and Virtual Events in Australia and across the world, we link businesses and brands with their target audience for greater engagement, better connections, and concrete results.

Phoenix Creative Management

Phoenix Creative Management is a Melbourne-based event and marketing firm. We create content and experiences that connect with people, inspire change, and help you achieve your goals. You’ll never forget this moment in time. Our full-service agency is genuine, strategic, creative, and helpful, and we go above and beyond the brief to produce as if we were a member of your team.

Phoenix is award-winning boutique events and marketing business with a love for producing amazing moments and engaging content. They are ferocious organizers that are authentic, strategic, inventive, and supportive. Phoenix arose from a desire to bring about change.


For over 23 years, Fruitbowl Productions has provided an excellent event management business in Melbourne and around Australia. Fruitbowl Productions was founded in 1995 and has since expanded to provide comprehensive event and conference management services throughout Australia. Fruitbowl’s events encourage innovation and creativity, thanks to a solid foundation in large government events management and festival management. Contact us today to discuss how we can best assist you and your next event.

As your professional conference organizer, Fruitbowl has the experience and ability to effectively plan, manage, and deliver your next gathering. 


Our joint goal is to satisfy our clients with our personable event management. We are a collection of enthusiastic, active, and creative individuals. What we provide to an event should fascinate, excite, and inspire the audience. When you combine this with our reputation for precision project management, you have a well-rounded partner that will be there for you every step of the way.

In all aspects of event planning, sponsorship and exhibition logistics, delegate services, marketing, abstracts management, and so much more, we surpass customer expectations. Encanta is a certified event management company that has been in operation for over 25 years.

Meetings & Events Australia

MEA’s membership represents the biggest network of businesses and individuals in Australia’s events sector, which employs over 229,000 professionals who stage, create, manage, support, and supply the 480,000+ events produced each year. For associations, companies, government, and the general public, these events include big events, festivals, conferences, meetings, exhibits, launches, seminars, special events, community activities, and much more.

MEA connects, educates, and provides opportunities for its members, as well as promoting its value and promoting development and quality in the Australian events sector.

Event Management By Alex

Weddings, social events, brand launch parties, pop-up shops, and private dinners are all memorable events produced by Event Management by Alex, a full-service event planning and design business in Melbourne.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for Event Planning in Melbourne. Alex offers a wealth of expertise from luxury hotels, restaurants, catering, and marketing to help you plan an event for 20 or 200 people. There is no such thing as a little or large event.

Iceberg Events

Jodie Parker, Professional Conference Organiser and Managing Director founded Iceberg Events in 1996.

Our Brisbane-based events company has evolved into a dynamic team of Event Managers, Event Coordinators, Event Assistants, and in-house Graphic Designers since then.

Iceberg Events has organized conferences, congresses, symposia, trade fairs and exhibits, meetings, and seminars all across Australia and the world throughout that period. You may be certain that you’ll be dealing with knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can handle any problem you throw their way.


Nowadays, regardless of event size, format, or budget, new, personalized event planning, design, and management options are available. Never ones to settle for the mundane, we take pleasure in pushing the envelope and providing you with something really unique.

BCC Management

At BCC, we are enthusiastic about what we do, and our small team of down-to-earth event experts is dedicated to providing great experiences. Our staff has worked in some of the world’s most famous locations, with big corporate customers, and with Australia’s top national organizations – and we’re bringing all of that experience and knowledge to bear on the preparation of your conference. So, whether you’re an association, government, or corporate enterprise, our pleasant, dependable, and personal crew has what it takes to boost your conference.


You’ll need the appropriate guidance, the finest industry contacts, and confidence that all of the duties will be handled professionally to successfully organize and manage your event.

Our event managers will lead you through the planning and execution of your event in a smart manner, saving you time and money.

Events involve a lot of logistical needs, which can take a long time to figure out for an inexperienced party planner. Our highly trained and experienced event organizers will meticulously plan and monitor every element of your event.

Key Conference

Our Event Management Team collaborates with brands and companies to connect and engage audiences at events ranging in size from custom-designed high-end incentive travel to global congresses with thousands of participants.

We have handled corporate events and conferences throughout North America, South America, and Europe, and we work in Australia’s main cities. In addition, our team has organized a number of events in Asia.

Whether you’re planning a national or international conference, or you’ve been tasked with organizing a corporate meeting, customer, or business partner event, our dedicated staff knows how important it is to offer a memorable, innovative, and informative experience.

Lateral Events

Lateral Event Management, now in its 23rd year of operation, is a multi-award-winning, independent, creative, and diverse event management company that produces extraordinary public and corporate events, both live and virtual, throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

For large businesses and aspirational brands, Lateral produces extremely innovative and flawlessly executed live and virtual events. Conference management, design, planning, and delivery, as well as exhibits, social activities, registration, lodging, marketing, and event technology, are all areas where Lateral excels.

GEMS Event Management

We are ideally positioned to guide and produce your next conference or event, with award-winning event management teams servicing your needs from offices in Sydney and Tweed/Byron in Northern NSW. For over 25 years, GEMS Event Management Australia has organized conferences, special events, exhibits, and professional development events. We are a Professional Conference Organisers Association Australasia (PCOA) Certified Event Company and a long-standing, active member of Meetings Events Australia (MEA).

To provide the degree of assistance necessary, GEMS collaborates with association leaders, volunteer committees, corporate and in-house event experts.

Liberty Events

Liberty Events is a corporate event planning and execution company that specializes in developing, organizing, and executing high-end corporate events. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, and while we deliver the bulk of our clients’ events within Australia, we are pleased to have considerable expertise throughout the Asia Pacific area as well. For audiences of up to 1000 people, we specialize in business meetings, residential conferences, virtual & hybrid events, gala dinners, and roadshows. We oversee a busy calendar of events and have built a firm with a stellar reputation as one of Australia’s top conference, event, and incentive management companies.

Event Organisers Summit

You are the target audience for the Event Organisers Summit. We assess your requirements and match you with just the most relevant providers, allowing you to create meaningful connections. These gatherings are small (under 100 people), safe, and well-targeted.

The one-day event includes customized meetings, breakfast, lunch, and post-event beverages, as well as key-note speakers and intelligence briefings throughout the day to help you stay one step ahead in the event management business. You’ll also be one of a select group of VIP delegates, which means you’ll be well taken care of. It’s very possibly the finest day’s investment you’ll make this year, and it’s absolutely free.

CIS Event Management

CIS Event Management is an event planning firm that specializes in creative thinking and tailor-made solutions for your next meeting, incentive, or conference. We value relationships and provide exceptional service and professionalism, with a focus on creativity and innovation. We have significant expertise in corporate events of all kinds and sizes, both locally and abroad, from engaging incentives to elegant gala events, from private meetings to multi-day conferences (and everything in between). There is no such thing as a little or large event. CIS Event Management, as a premier event management company, customizes events to meet the specific demands of each client.

DNA Event Management

DNA is one of the country’s top event, incentive, and conference management firms, specialized in creating and executing spectacular events all over the globe. As we work with your organization to fine-tune your perfect event, conference, or incentive, we take into account your destination, your event design and planning creativity, and your logistical demands.

Our knowledgeable staff has in-depth knowledge of local, national, and worldwide resources, locations, goods, and services, allowing us to provide customized solutions and broad itineraries.

Events Society

You’ve undoubtedly searched “event planner” and come up with a long list of options. You don’t even have time to locate an event planner to help you arrange the event.

So, I’ll spare you the bother… You’ve discovered us. And we do things a little differently around here. We’re event planners who understand that the world has changed, but our industry hasn’t caught up yet.

I prefer to envision myself as a skydiver preparing to leap from a plane. He’s stepped out of his normal routine, his everyday routine, to experience a moment of exceptional elevation.

Miles Per Hour

Miles Per Hour and Event Workforce Group have merged to offer end-to-end management, operations, and staffing talent in one location.

Based on years of combined expertise and experience in large-scale events, Miles Per Hour delivers Event Operations and Project Management advice, planning, and end-to-end delivery.

Miles Per Hour not only provides organized, measurable guidance that can be applied to any event or activity, but they also plan, manage, and produce large-scale events with a team of excellent event managers, coordinators, site workers, and equipment.

Evviva Events

Evviva Events is delighted to welcome you! We’re a Melbourne-based event management firm that specializes in planning and delivering spectacular parties.

We specialize in event planning, styling, and theme, and we love to entertain, create beautiful and unique events, and most importantly, make sure you have a good time! Your event will have a wow factor that will leave your attendees speechless. We provide a selection of services to fit any budget, whether it’s a wedding, business event, or private party.


You’re in good hands with Arinex. With a 47-year track record of smart financial and risk management, precise project management, and excellent client outcomes, we are one of Australia’s oldest and most respected event management firms. Our event architects are experts in their field, working together to create solutions that are suited to your specific requirements, and our service is globally recognized and held to the highest international quality assurance standards. We believe in the power of events and look forwards to working with you to make your event a success.

Instinct Event

It’s an art to put on world-class events that are effective, entertaining, and unforgettable. To be successful, you’ll need a lot of imagination, a unique combination of theatrical abilities, and a lot of practice. It’s not just about concepts! It’s the little things that make a big impact. You must engage your audience’s senses to get it properly. Captivate their thoughts and touch their hearts.

We give services meant to catapult your events from dull and adequate to awesomely thrilling guest experiences, based on our 25+ years of expertise orchestrating events ranging from private gatherings to big public events.

MP Events

MP Events is a prominent event management business based in Melbourne that has been organizing and managing events of all sizes and across a variety of sectors since January 1998. Our goal is to serve the business sector with extremely competent and polished event management. With a combined history of industry expertise and understanding, you can be certain that your corporate event, no matter how big or little, is in the hands of the greatest event planners in the industry.

Our event planners are capable of managing and coordinating all parts of any business event, from planning to execution. With frequent meetings with internal staff, vendors, and you, you can be confident that MP Events is in complete charge of your event.

PCO Association

In Australia and New Zealand, the PCO Association is the primary organization representing the interests of professional conference organizers and event managers.

The Association’s goals are to raise the professional standards of its members and to promote a greater knowledge of the responsibilities, functions, and contributions of Professional Conference Organisers and Event Managers, as well as other conference and event practitioners.

Spark Event Group

Spark is a one-stop-shop with far-reaching knowledge that is trusted and proven. Event planning, operations, personnel, technology, and support may all be improved with the help of experienced professionals. Spark brings together Miles Per Hour, a well-known event management firm, with Event Workforce Group, a world-class provider of smart human resource solutions, both physical and digital. And, at the heart of it all, a demonstrated dedication to personal development and environmentally sound, ethical practices.

Total Event Solutions

Councils, venue owners, and event planners like our “can-do” attitude and one-stop-shop for back-of-house services. Our expertise lies in solving the specific problems that arise during outdoor events, notably in terms of patron safety and environmental protection.

We know what to do with 1000 to 40,000 people, from trash management to equipment rental, traffic control to site cleanup.

We are enthusiastic about helping locals and safeguarding the environment, and we serve Melbourne’s south, east, and Mornington Peninsula. We hire locals and buy from local businesses. We are honored to collaborate with some of Melbourne’s most discriminating event planners.

Frequently Asked Event Organizers Questions

An event organizer’s job is to plan, manage, and execute spectacular events in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. His or her work description comprises scouring the market for target audiences and locating events.

As part of their fee, event planners should charge between 15-20 percent of the overall cost of the event. Depending on the program’s complexity and the length of time it takes to plan and execute an event, this may be sufficient to cover a planner’s whole cost and profit.

We provide a full-service event planning service. For corporate events, we can locate venues, arrange cuisine, décor, lodging, staffing, and equipment, as well as hire speakers. We provide a customized service to meet your needs. Every event is different, and we have the resources to meet your needs from start to finish.

Before providing a quote, we will review all of your event requirements because the fees paid will certainly vary depending on the size and type of the event, the complexity of the preparation, and our degree of engagement. We’ll remain in touch with you about our time, hours worked, and specific products, but we’ll also stick to your budget and prepare accordingly. There will be no hidden extras or surprises, and you will never be charged more than we agreed on.

You will save time and money by hiring an experienced event planner. We’ll choose reliable vendors and suppliers for you, negotiate the best pricing, discounts, and terms and conditions on your behalf, and plan every detail of your event. Using an event planner relieves stress and anxiety, allowing you to relax and enjoy your event.

To put on a successful event, event design and event planning go hand in hand. Event design entails using proper colors, themes, seating, and other components to bring your event to life, whereas event planning coordinates the logistical elements and budget management.
Knight Events creates custom events. To put it another way, we combine event design with event planning to produce the perfect event.

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