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Top 30 Wedding Cake Suppliers in Sydney

The most exciting part of a wedding coming up would mostly be where to find the proper bridecake. With such a large amount of unimaginable pastry chefs within the Sydney space, the choices for flavors and styles are endless. Sampling delicious cakes and selecting the most effective vogue for your wedding are going to be the foremost fun before the marriage. To help you discover the most effective within the business, we’ve got a place along with an inventory of the best suppliers names in Sydney:

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Have a look at the Top 30 Birthday Cake Suppliers in Sydney

La Pav

La Pav is the brainchild of Benita, a designer, and true blue Aussie, and Johann, a pastry chef born and bred in France – we’re two lovebirds based in Sydney’s northern beaches with a passion for desserts and a mission to reinvent the great Aussie pavlova. We wanted to make something amazing out of this family favorite dessert, something exquisite enough for a wedding cake yet entertaining enough to serve at a BBQ. Our pavlovas, like us, are a French-Australian love story, combining the finest of both countries – traditional French patisserie skills and fresh Australian food – into one elegant product.


Mrs C's CupCakes Penrith

I’m Brittany Caines, and I’d like to introduce myself. Baking has always been my hobby since I was a child. I wanted to make my interest into more than simply a hobby, whether it was decorating cupcakes or baking cookies. Baking has always provided me with delight, but the best part was seeing my family and friends’ faces light up when I made cakes and cupcakes for important occasions. I wanted to do something similar for others, and that’s when I came across Mrs. C’s Cupcakes. Every day, I am pushed to stretch my abilities by developing new designs and flavors for my lovely consumers. Being a part of their unique memories, whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday, baby shower, christening, graduation, and so on, is the most beautiful thing. The biggest compliment I receive from my customers is “it tasted so wonderful too.” I don’t simply want my items to appear nice; they also have to taste good. Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of my dedicated and brilliant team.


Casa Del Cakes

Casa Del has a 29-year award-winning history. We take great satisfaction in providing the best desserts and cakes in Sydney. Our firm sells wholesale to cafés, restaurants, hotels, wedding receptions, caterers, schools, and corporations, as well as being open to the general public. All of our goods are handcrafted using only the finest quality cake bakery and with freshest ingredients. On our premises, our globally trained chefs bake them every day. In terms of food health and safety, we maintain the highest levels of professionalism. We are HACCP certified and members of the Australian Dairy Industry Association.


Buttercream Bakery

Buttercream Bakery was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing Sydney with a one-of-a-kind assortment of buttercream masterpieces for all occasions and events. Kat Logan, the co-founder, established the trend for the new wave of cake designs with her impressionist style and contemporary color palettes and was named Buttercream Artist of the Year by her colleagues at the Australian Cake Artists and Decorators Association (ACADA) awards in 2018.

Family Owned and operated, what started as a simple hobby between brother and sister duo, has evolved into a pursuit to be one of Sydney’s leading cake bakeries. Generations of recipes and processes, as well as a passion for design and art, have distinguished them from traditional bakeries and established their unique style.


Doltone House

We are a family-owned and operated business that is committed to its customers. Whether you want a simple or dramatic area, we can help. Everything we do stems from a desire to provide remarkable experiences. We’re happy to provide all of our clients with not only the technological features you’d expect from a market leader but also a sense of welcome and friendliness that makes every connection enjoyable; we go the extra mile – The Doltone Difference.


Something For Cake

Hello beautiful!

Welcome to “Something for Cake”, I’m excited to invite you here visiting our very little Cake Paradise. First and foremost, I hope that your visit with us, whether in-store or online, inspires you to create.

I’ve put together a collection of modern cake supplies that will give you the confidence to make cakes like a pro! Many of our on-trend cake decorations and tools, such as our Cake Toppers, Custom Cake Toppers, Edible Images, Custom Edible Images, cheesecake, Cake Kits, Cake Scrapers, and cookie stamps, were created and handcrafted right here in our shop by myself.

We’ve recently shifted our attention to promoting as many Australian-made products as possible. Sweet Sticks, Color Mill, Cecil &co, Carolines Sugar Art, Bakels, Confetti, Cake Art, and others are just a few of the brands we carry. We strive to supply you with unique handcrafted components that set your cakes apart from the competition.


Art of Baking

Art of Baking is a small business that specializes in creating gorgeous cakes and pastries for special occasions. We are based in Sydney and take delight in crafting exquisite sweet delicacies to make your occasion unique, gluten free bakery.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing the smiles on our customers’ cheeks.

To ensure that they taste as amazing as they look, all of our cakes are baked fresh to order (not frozen) from scratch with premium ingredients. We also avoid using artificial flavors unless they are absolutely necessary. When flavoring is needed, we use fresh or freeze-dried ingredients.


Vanilla Cupcakery

Vanilla Cupcakery, which opened in 2011, is known for crafting cakes and cupcakes in Sydney that are absolutely worth raving about… Our freshly made cupcakes come in over 26 flavors, and you can pick them up in our store or have them delivered to your workplace or home by our in-house delivery service. Cupcakes that are gluten-free and vegan are also available. Without a spectacular cake, no party or celebration is complete. All of our cakes are available to purchase online or at our Sydney store, and each one is handcrafted by our team of outstanding Pastry Chefs. To mention a few, we create Wedding Cakes, Engagement Cakes, Christening Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Drip Cakes, Naked Cakes, cheap wedding cakes Sydney, Baby Shower Cakes, wedding cakes penrith and Bridal Shower Cakes.


Lushcups Bakery

Lushcups Bakery welcomes you to the world of delectable, flavorful Wedding cakes. We are committed to providing you with the best wedding cakes Sydney. We make unique cakes that are cooked, designed, and adorned to match any wedding style, color scheme, or theme.

All of our wedding cakes are handcrafted with passion and attention to detail. We take great pride in offering our customers delicious and attractively crafted cakes. Lushcups in Sydney has the perfect wedding cake to make your day more memorable, no matter what style of cake you want.

Ordering your dream Wedding cake in Sydney has never been easier or handier than with Lushcups. We can confidently state that we will only produce freshly baked and mouth-watering wedding cakes, based on our decades of experience in designing and baking unforgettable wedding cakes.


Dulcet Cakes and Sweets

Dulcet Cakes & Sweets is a small-batch patisserie that caters to all of your sweet fantasies. Dulcet is all about genuine ingredients and authentic flavor. We do things the old-fashioned way, attempting to bring you the beauty of nature.

We attempt to hand make whatever we can with passion and honesty, always keeping in mind that the most important aspect of our delicacies is how they taste. Every day, we produce everything from scratch in our kitchen and are constantly experimenting with new flavor combinations.

We cut the quantity of sugar in our products and focus on natural sweetness instead, so you can indulge in our delectable delights without feeling bad.


Sweet Olivia

Sweet Olivia Sugar Arts takes pleasure in putting an artistic spin on everything we produce, from high-quality desserts for any occasion to custom birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and other high-quality sweets for your upcoming special event in Sydney. Every cake is a work of art, custom-made to complement the occasion.

Each gourmet cake is meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. These cakes, as lovely as they are, are also delectable and sumptuous sweets in their own right.

Belle Bakes

Belle Bakes makes one-of-a-kind cakes, french bakery and treats for any occasion. For the past 8 years, Shelley (Belle) has been producing wedding, birthday, and special occasion cakes.

I’d be delighted to bake a cake for your next gathering. For brides, grooms, and birthdays, we design unique cakes and treats. Each cake/dessert is meticulously planned and made to compliment your special occasion. Wedding cakes, birthday and special occasion cakes, pastries, and doughnuts are among the company’s specialties.


Spectacular Cakes

Spectacular was created from the ground up. Cakes & Cupcakes has evolved into a bespoke dessert creation service. With a keen sense of detail, Our creations are edible. Also nice to eat because we utilize high-quality ingredients. And provides wedding cake prices Sydney.

Our designs have a customized and luxury appeal thanks to handcrafted sugar flower art. Weddings & Engagements, Christenings & Baptisms, Kitchen Teas & Bridal Showers, 21st Birthdays, First Birthdays, 100 Days, and Baby Showers are just a few of the events we cater for.


Cake Studio

The Cake Studio was founded in 1997. We began as wholesalers, manufacturing cakes for a well-known brand in Sydney. We decided to go out and open our studio in 1999 as businesses need roses and we began to develop our talents.

By introducing our new line of desserts and our online shop in 2021, we are determined to increase our horizons and diversify our offers more than ever before to meet the demand of clients in Sydney.

We are driven by our mission and uncompromising resolve to provide each of our customers with a memorable experience, whether it is through the use of the greatest ingredients or our unique and original approach to each dish. Our wedding cakes Sydney are meant to make people happy.



Hello there, everyone! I’m Danielle aka Dunnzii, a baker from the inner west whose purpose is to create, make, and bake the impossible, with a pun thrown in for good measure. ​


Greenberg and Co Cakes

While pursuing a traditional fine art degree and suffering from food intolerance, Rebecca Greenberg, founder of Greenberg & Co Cakes, discovered their love for the delicacy of baking. Rebecca travelled to New York City after graduating from Bard College, where she came up with the concept for Greenberg & Co Cakes. They wanted to provide gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free customers who needed high-end handmade cakes. Everyone is entitled to a delicious treat! 

Greenberg & Co Cakes relocated to Sydney, Australia, in 2011 and currently employs a full-time staff there. Rebecca offers a  range of unusual services, including spectacular cakes, wonderfully edible art, and a compassionate alternative to standard decorated cakes, based on her over a decade of experience in both the arts and food industries.


Sweet Bloom Cakes

Sweet Bloom Cakes, founded in 2008 by Dewi Kurniadi, is a Sydney-based boutique studio that specializes in custom design, handcrafted cakes, confections, and bespoke event experiences.

Dewi is fascinated by nature’s movement and charm, and she wants to capture this ethereal beauty in her cakes. Sweet Bloom Cakes, along with her team of artists, strives to create aesthetically pleasing items that taste delicious for clients to enjoy on their special day. True artistic design, we feel, originates from inspiration and a careful process that cannot be mass-produced or replicated. We make certain that each of our clients has a one-of-a-kind experience.

We take pleasure in not just the aesthetics of our products, but also their exceptional flavor. Our distinctive cakes, confections, and sweets are all handcrafted with care using only the finest ingredients.


Bakealicious By Gabriela

Gabriela Oporto, owner of Bakelicious and baker By Gabriela, I was born in Australia.

My dream has always been to open a bakery/café where I could prepare delectable sweet delicacies to share with everyone. I am a firm believer in items manufactured at home with few tools. Baking brings me joy and makes me smile every day.

I attempt to bake and develop beautiful cake flavors that are delivered to all of Sydney’s suburbs. I am also acutely conscious of the food waste problem that we face in Australia, and I make every effort to prepare ahead so that nothing goes to waste. If there are any leftovers, I make sure they are put to good use.



We are the best bakery, we’ve baked cakes for practically every occasion and theme over the years. So we’ve put together a list of per-designed cakes that you may get online. We’ll prepare the nicest cake for you from scratch.

We require at least 4 weeks notice for most cakes due to the quality of our designs (and the time it takes for the cake to cool before we apply the icing and toppers). However, there are situations when booking ahead of time is simply not possible. As a result, we’ve put together a limited selection of our most popular cakes that you can pick up as early as tomorrow.


Simmone Logue

Simmone Logue, who was born and reared in the scenic Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

Simmone converted her love into a job after coming to Sydney in 1990 when she opened her own cake business. Things took off quickly thanks to Simmone’s ability and distinctive touch, and before long, she had opened a shop in Balmain and expanded her business to include ready-to-eat meals, memorable wedding cakes, and an internet store.

In the years after, manypeople around the country have had the opportunity to sample Simmone’s products and have become devoted followers of the brand. Simmone today boasts an 80-person staff and a customer roster that includes some of Australia’s most well-known businesses and brands, having expanded into the gourmet grocery sector and aircraft catering. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, ‘In the Kitchen,’ which is chock-full of classic recipes and ideas.


Just Cakes

We enjoy celebrations here at Just Cakes, and we know you do too. We believe we can make a delectable cake for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a corporate event, a reunion, an engagement, or just a get-together.

Years of professional cake baking and decorating experience have helped our pastry chefs perfect their craft. Our cakes are handcrafted with passion and care.

Our cake will be the focal point of your table and the event’s masterpiece.

Order your cake online from our wide selection of designs and flavors, or design your own cake and have it prepared for you if you’re the creative sort. Simply complete the order form on our Special Orders page, and we’ll do the rest.

Our cakes are delivered to a number of places throughout Sydney. So, even if the cake isn’t for you, if you know someone who is celebrating a special occasion, instead of sending flowers, why not send a cake?


Black Velvet Sydney

Black Velvet Sydney, which was founded in 2014, is a prominent provider of personalized birthday, engagement, and wedding cakes, as well as cupcakes, for business and personal events in Sydney and Australia.

The purpose of Black Velvet Sydney was to deliver amazing dessert experiences to Sydney. Our incredible journey continues as we look for the best worldwide cake makers and collaborate with the top artists in their disciplines.

We look forward to aiding all clients, whether corporate or personal, in providing beautiful experiences for their unique people.


JK Cake Designs

JK Cake Designs’ success is due to the complementary skills that each member of the partnership brings to the table. Kim worked as a chef for 25 years and has always had a passion for desserts and cakes, which has proven to be a winning combination when paired with Joh’s expertise in customer service and experience teaching cake decorating at a local cooking school. The duo provides a great deal of balance to their company, both playing to their own strengths, and they also love spending time together.

Kim’s specialty is novelty cakes, and she frequently has difficulties in this area. Not only does she need to understand the character, place, or personality behind the original brief, but achieving the desired impact can take days of rigorous preparation and experimenting. Wedding cakes are John’s specialty, and she excels at designing elegant designs that are the right fit for a special occasion. In terms of importance, a wedding cake is unlike any other cake, and Joh takes delight in going above and beyond the requirement to create an amazing cake for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.



Looma’s is all about high-quality cakes and small sweets, as well as the convenience of a smart delivery service that covers all of Sydney’s suburbs and out-of-this-world customer service.

Great customer service, in our opinion, needs more than simply a friendly face – it necessitates action. We provide service to our consumers by making the ordering and delivery procedure quick, simple, and exceptional.

Our highly talented chefs at our fantastic cake factory make all of our cakes, macarons, and small sweets from scratch, using only the finest ingredients such as Fonterra New Zealand butter and Belcolade chocolate.



Angelo was the start of it all. Angelo Mezzapica was born in the Aeolian Islands of Sicily in 1912. He worked for his father until he was 16, but knew that in order to expand his knowledge of the pastry chef trade, he would have to move to a bigger City.

Angelo is now enjoying his well-earned retirement. Frank was ready for a change after six years and sold Mezzapica Cakes to his nephews, who began delivering Mezzapica products to cafés, pubs, and restaurants throughout Sydney. In the year 2000, Frank and his wife Marinella, as well as his brother and sister-in-law Efisio and Julianne, had the opportunity to repurchase the company.

Since then, Mezzapica has continued to offer Sydney residents with Angelo’s delectable recipes, as well as introducing a variety of new goods to complement the Italian favorites. Mezzapica has also made a name for itself as a go-to spot for birthdays, weddings, and other specialty cakes that are not only beautiful but also taste like Mezzapica.


Cake Avenue

Trinh here, loving wife of a teacher, mother of two amazing children, and pharmacist with a passion for cake baking! In 2005, we relocated to the lovely Blue Mountains for a “tree” change, but I ended up with a “job” shift as well.

Since 2005, I’ve been a self-taught cake designer, designing cakes as a hobby for family and friends. Cake Avenue began in 2010, while I was on maternity leave with my second kid and began making cakes professionally.

My children’s cakes were the catalyst for me realizing how much I enjoyed cake decorating. I also realized that the cake would always be the focal point of any celebration…it would commemorate every significant event in my children’s lives, from their birthdays and baptisms through their weddings and anniversaries! No matter how big or small the event was, they’ll always remember their cake and how it made them feel when they look back and reflect on each celebration! With that in mind, I attempt to make stunning and delectable cakes that will be remembered for a long time!


Sweet Connoisseur

Bill established a wedding cake and handmade chocolate business servicing top venues throughout Sydney after spending over 30 years as a pastry chef at patisseries and hotels such as the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sydney and the Dorchester Hotel in London. He emphasizes on offering the finest degree of professional service at a personal level to his soon-to-be married couples.

Bill enjoys tinkering with excellent Belgian couverture chocolate to create unique designs. He has a knack for sugar icing cakes and is equally comfortable dealing with buttercream and flavored ganache.

We’ll be pleased to meet with you in our private kitchen to discuss your needs. It’s a pleasure for us to collaborate with you on a unique cake design to make your event special.


Formaggi Ocello

Formaggi Ocello was founded in 2001 and sells cheese to cheese lovers all around Sydney through the Growers Markets in Pyrmont, North Sydney, and Fox Studios.

From humble beginnings with a hand-ladled goats cheese from Queensland all those years ago, we currently have over 200 local and foreign cheeses on offer at our Surry Hills store.

We have something for everyone’s taste and budget, and our highly friendly staff is eager to let you try before you buy. We also have fantastic cheese accompaniments, such as crisp breads and jams, to go with your cheeses. We also carry top Italian cured hams, as well as local leg ham, salami, and saucisson.

Our shop is a reflection of our European heritage and the Dolce Vita, with wonderful cheese, fruit, wines, food, and service. Come in and relax; we’re excited to share our passion for cheese and great meals with you.


The Cupcake Princess

The Cupcake Princess welcomes you!

Because life is intended to be enjoyed, and it’s the little things that make you smile!

In 2004, The Cupcake Princess became Sydney’s first officially registered cupcake shop. Since then, we’ve grown significantly, opening our flagship store in Waverley and serving consumers locally, nationally, and globally. All of our goods are produced from scratch every day with love in our nut-free kitchen, using only the freshest fresh ingredients. Customers and high-end culinary magazines have voted The Cupcake Princess the best in Sydney. We make the best cupcakes for both young and senior consumers!

Beyond cupcakes, we provide bespoke Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and Cakes for All Occasions, as well as the most delectable Cookies and Brownies you’ve ever tasted. Birthday parties for princesses ages 3-6, cupcake decorating parties for ages 6+, school holiday programs, and corporate team building cake decorating lessons are all available on site.


Luxe Cakes & Co

Luxe Cakes & Co is a home-based business that serves the entire Sydney Metropolitan region. It is located in the Hills District in North Western Sydney.

Beautifully crafted cakes have always piqued my interest. As a hobby, I produced personalized cakes for family and friends for many years. After a successful career in the corporate world, I decided to start Luxe Cakes & Co.

I adore designing and constructing elegant and gorgeous cakes, and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of so many memorable occasions.



All listed Sydney based Wedding Cake Suppliers are providing excellent Wedding Cake services.

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