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Rainbow sprinkles are embedded in the frosting of Ovenly’s birthday cake. Last fall, amber-brown, caramelised peaches crowned an ochre layer cake with plush bourbon buttercream. A recent hibiscus-buttercream-coated buttermilk-cocoa cake filled with raspberry compote is an impressive demonstration of a tricky flavour balance, particularly when it comes to knowing when to hold back on the sugar. A recent favourite in pale-honey buttercream is made with honeycomb and pistachios and is gluten-free. It should be the official spring cake.


Bourke Street Bakery

The beloved Bourke Street Bakery Sydney café, founded in 2004 by Paul Allam and David McGuinness, makes its New York debut in NoMad (the New York space is run by Allam and wife, Jessica Grynberg). Lemon curd tarts, carrot cake, ginger crème brûlée, and New York-only treats like a PB&J roll are among the pastries and cakes available. But it’s their savoury sausage rolls—lamb and harissa, pork and fennel, and a vegetarian-friendly version made with eggplant, chickpea, feta, and mint—that have made them famous.


NYC Birthday Cakes

We are a custom cakery in Middle Village, Queens, New York, specialising in one-of-a-kind and imaginative birthday cakes that must be seen and tasted to be believed! Over the years, we’ve learned how costly and time-consuming it can be for customers to order a custom cake in nyc. So we took a step back and re-evaluated how the industry traditionally handles custom cake orders to see where we could simplify and save time and money. We are now excited to introduce our innovative and ground-breaking online custom cakery! We’re excited to see how our website transforms the custom cake ordering process!

Soma Cakes NYC

Soma Cakes excels at a variety of treats, but their birthday cakes are particularly impressive. This East Village bakery gem can bake any cake you can imagine, but some of their most popular designs include a New York City skyline cake, a BMW-themed birthday cake, and customizable, tiered, and colourful birthday cakes. Soma also offers a wide range of cake shapes, so let your imagination run wild.

Empire Cake

Empire Cake, like NYC Birthday Cakes and Soma Cakes, is not for shy birthday boys and girls. These custom cake experts will make your birthday cake as elaborate or as simple as you like, with options ranging from fully customizable decorated theme cakes to simple flavours with basic writing. All of the cakes are delicious. Empire Cakes are three layers and eight inches long, but you can customise them with flavours like raspberry lemon, hazelnut, cookies & cream, bananas foster, salted caramel, and more. Gluten-free flavours are also available upon request.


Flour Shop

Flour Shop is well-known for its extravagant, sprinkle-exploding birthday cakes. You’ve most likely seen them on Instagram. With one of these gorgeous surprises, the birthday party is sure to be the party of the century. While most explosion cakes are cookies n’ cream or rainbow in flavour, Flour Shop also has unique cake shapes like the “cara the unicorn cake,” “mixed berry pie cake,” and even a “burger cake.”

City Cakes

City Cakes specialises in all things custom cakes. The bakery has over 100 pre-made custom cakes to choose from, but special requests are also welcome. Sports cakes, logo and corporate cakes, sculpted 3D cakes, and more are available, with cake flavours including almond wonder, charismatic carrot, lush amaretto, and strawberry champagne. With even more frosting and filling options, the possibilities seem limitless.

Billy’s Bakery NYC

Billy’s Bakery is a beloved birthday cakes new york institution known for serving every sweet treat you could imagine. With so many different cake flavours to choose from, you can stick to classics like chocolate, vanilla, and confetti while also branching out and trying something new, like the crowd-pleaser bourbon salted caramel or 7up loaf. Decorations are available on all buttercream-frosted cakes in vanilla or chocolate for a custom cake.

Milk Bar

Milk Bar, another well-known birthday cake nyc bakery chain, specialises in unique layered-cake flavours with cake balls piled on top. If you haven’t seen these beautiful cakes on Instagram yet, you will now. Choose from classic birthday cake flavours such as red velvet, chocolatey classic, and others.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery has some of the city’s best birthday cakes nyc, but the traditional cakes aren’t far behind. Yellow cake, chocolate, red velvet, pumpkin, Oreo, lemon, and pistachio are among the flavours available. These cakes come with the icing of your choice and can be made as extravagant or simple as you wish. You can have it any way you want it, from no layers to several layers, round or in a sheet shape. On request, specific decorations can also be created.


Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Little Cupcake Bakeshop, which has several locations, is on its way to becoming a NYC baking dynasty. You’ll find a selection of delectable layer cakes here that can be personalised with writing in the traditional birthday cake style. Brooklyn Blackout, Blue Velvet, Golden Ganache, Dreaming Princess, and Black & White are among the standout flavours.

Magnolia Bakery

Magnola accepts advance cake orders and ships nationwide to those who want to wish loved ones a happy birthday from afar. Magnolia, like Little Cupcake Bakeshop, bakes custom cakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. A three-tiered confetti cake is also available. Magnolia also offers custom writing in the traditional chocolate and vanilla flavours.


Two Little Red Hens

During peak hours, the tiny Upper East Side bakery can intimidate even the most reserved New Yorker, as the attentive staff goes full throttle with their spatulas and customers double-fist cupcakes like it’s the End Times. But persevere because the rewards are plentiful: a simple and elegant yellow cake topped with Swiss vanilla buttercream or a dark, sharply fudgy version. The aromatic banana slathered with cream-cheese frosting is a perennial favourite, as is the coconut. It should be noted that the 25-year-old bakery does not do slices, but instead offers its catalogue in the form of four-inch mini-cakes.

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

It’s not all fantastic brioche doughnuts and flawless cheesecake: The fluffy, scalloped meringue tops of lemon-meringue cakes are as delightfully retro as their curd filling is sunny, as if the recipe has been locked away in a vault since the 1950s and now longs to be revealed. The Devil in Ganache’s sheeny chocolate coating cut with whipped cream in place of buttercream makes it the type of cake a Bond villain would order. Most carrot cakes, on the other hand, present a paradox in that they never truly taste like their top-billed ingredient.


Amy’s Bread

Cakes at this venerable, humble 25-year-old institution are made around the clock, and as a result, they don’t have time to be overly fancy. The yucky, perfumey quality found in most red velvet cakes is not present in buttery red velvet. Classic yellow is never dry, and the icing is never overly sweet. The three-tiered German chocolate has a filling that could be described as a coconut-pecan praline, and it wins with brute-force deliciousness.


Lady M

The homegrown boutique has evolved into a mini-chain, and a rather frilly one at that. Even the most ardent Lady M fans would argue that the house specialty is mille crêpe cake, available in creamy citron and delightfully dusty matcha flavours, and that mille crêpes don’t really qualify as “cakes” at all. There are plenty of other options, such as the gâteau, which is covered in flamboyant chestnut-pastry-cream squiggles, and the strawberry shortcake, which is bafflingly fluffy. Chocolate or green-tea ganache-covered checkers cakes are (painfully) assembled from concentric rings of featherlight sponge held together with whipped cream, giving each slice a dainty and entirely unnecessary tessellated effect.



Candigrams is a home-based family business on long Island’s north shore that provides custom cakes and cupcakes. all items are made to order and tailored to the client’s requirements. Each creation, like each client, is unique in style and personality.


Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

With a passion for baking and serving others, Eileen began testing her family’s signature cheesecake recipe in her apartment. People quickly discovered her exceptional cheesecakes, which became so popular that she expanded her business into a successful bakery in downtown Manhattan in 1975. Being so close to Little Italy aided her retail business’s growth, and her friendly demeanour made her an instant hit in the neighbourhood. She referred to the bakery’s 17 Cleveland Place location as “our lucky corner.” It was once a sleepy block in SoHo, but it is now a bustling location in one of New York City’s most popular neighbourhoods.


Morgenstern’s, Ice Cream Cake

You’re never too old for an ice cream cake. If you’re looking for a more grown-up version of this childhood favourite, look no further than Morgenstern’s green tea and pistachio ice cream cake, frosted with green tea meringue.


Ladybird Bakery

This cake is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. This three-layer dark chocolate cake is frosted with fudge and layered with chocolate pudding. Your sweet tooth will be well-satisfied.

It’s not in Manhattan, but it’s well worth the extra train ride.


Baked, Grasshopper Cake

Is it possible for a cake to be both refreshing and rich? Yes, if it’s Baked’s Grasshopper cake, which features chocolate cake layers filled with mint ganache and frosted in mint buttercream.


Clinton ST Banking

Clinton St Baking Co. is a traditional American restaurant and bakery on New York City’s Lower East Side. Since 2001, we’ve kept our mom-and-pop roots alive by sourcing the highest quality ingredients from local purveyors we know and trust, who stand behind the integrity of their products like sustainable coffee, all natural milk, cage free poultry & eggs, premium ice cream, and heritage farm-raised pork. Our eclectic menu is inspired by the American South, coastal New England, Jewish New York, and the Spanish chefs who bring their rich culinary traditions from Mexico and the Southwest to our kitchen.


Balthazar New York

Balthazar Bakery has been producing breads and pastries for customers who want to enjoy a taste of Balthazar at home or at work since 1997.


Our philosophy is straightforward: we use fine ingredients and traditional methods to create exceptional fare such as soups, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, as well as our signature breads and pastries.


New York bagels

New York bagels are obviously noteworthy on their own, but the baked goods produced by these NYC bakeries are legendary. Who hasn’t heard of Magnolia Bakery’s Cronut or banana pudding? Check out these bakeries to get your fill of bread and pastry goodness, whether you want to linger with a coffee and inhale the aroma of fresh baked goods or prefer take-out to enjoy at home.


Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel spent six years as the executive pastry chef at Daniel before opening this American and French patisserie. The sweet selections at the counter include caramelised croissants, miniature pastel meringues, and madeleines, as well as Ansel’s outlandish creations like milk shot glasses made from chocolate-chip cookies and frozen s’mores on a stick. Of course, the Cronut remains popular.



You could walk by Burrow three times and never notice it (and we have). There’s no street-facing storefront to give you a glimpse of the magic inside, as it’s located inside the lobby of a run-of-the-mill glass building eyesore in Dumbo. Burrow exudes quiet assurance. There are no outlandish decorations or confetti inside, and there is no place to sit. However, the cakes and pastries are insanely worth digging for. Green tea opera-style, pistachio, sweet corn cake, and banana tart are among the standout cakes.


Supermoon Bakehouse

Ry Stephen of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seoul’s bakery takes desserts to the next level with far-out treats like a charcoal-meringue–stuffed squid-ink brioche and a torched-meringue–topped Cruffin filled with coconut-lime curd. The NYC (New York Croissant) is the standout item, a buttery everything-bagel croissant stuffed with cream cheese, capers, and lox chunks. Don’t pass up their weekend birthday cake delivery nyc care packs.


Pilar Cuban Bakery

Owner-chef Ricardo Barreras rethinks breakfast with underutilized-in-NYC Cuban ingredients at Pilar Cuban Eatery’s Bed-Stuy sister spot. The casual menu is ideal for quick bites on the go. Stay and nosh amid the kitsch of Miami cafés: a ’80s-style painting of a papaya, a fake marlin, geometric pastel tiling, and a spunky neon sign with the shop’s name.


Bourke Street Bakery

The beloved Bourke Street Bakery Sydney café, founded in 2004 by Paul Allam and David McGuinness, makes its New York debut in NoMad (the New York space is run by Allam and wife, Jessica Grynberg). Lemon curd tarts, carrot cake, ginger crème brûlée, and New York-only treats like a PB&J roll are among the pastries and cakes available. But it’s their savoury sausage rolls—lamb and harissa, pork and fennel, and a vegetarian-friendly version made with eggplant, chickpea, feta, and mint—that have made them famous.


Gino’s Pastry Shop


Since 1960, this iconic Arthur Avenue bakery has provided locals with Italian baked goods ranging from cannoli to wedding cakes. While waiting in the shop’s ever-present line, admire the photos of famous visitors on the walls, such as Joe Pesci and Al Pacino.

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