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types of photo booths, Hypley

Top Photo booth hire offering the best prices and services.

  1. Open Air Photo Booth
  2. Old – School Photo Booth
  3. Slow – Motion Video Photo Booth
  4. GIF – Maker Photo Booth
  5. Flip – Book Photo Booth
  6. 360 – Degree Photo Booth
  7. Green – Screen Photo Booth
  8. Print from a Hashtag –  Without a Photo Booth

Balloons have been an essential party decoration for any occasion from weddings, birthdays to corporate celebrations. Recently balloon installations have exploded as balloon stylists design sophisticated and eye appealing luxury backdrops and arches.

Open air Photo booth is one of the most favorite type of photo booth among people.In this photo booth  tripod, tables or frames are used to mount cameras for photo shoots. It is totally booth-less photo booth. It may come with some custom backgrounds, camera pols or just by camera itself. You are completely able to personalize it, to match your event needs – than you can design your own backdrops for your event.

types of photo booths, Hypley
2. Old – School Photo Booth

This Photo Booth is one of the old, unique,enclosed and classic Photo Booth. Thus it is a perfect option for an event which requires more classic or retro style tone.During this classic style booth session, requires customer to  get intimate in a booth space and make some funny faces expressions, to get their hilarious naughty expression photo printouts.These photo shots are always sure to be memorable! The smaller photo booths for hire will tend to have a bench seat, whereas the larger photo booths are often made for users to stand.

types of photo booths, Hypley
This type of photo-booths have super-fun, very different form traditional photo booth. In this photo booth high-speed & high definition(HD) cameras are used to capture the guests’ most authentic personality in slow motion and play it back on HD screens instantly.This  slow-motion video booth session allows guests to make short clips in slow motion recording.At the end of these photo shoots are always super funny, excited and  memorable, no matter what happens in the booth.
types of photo booths, Hypley
In this unique kind of photo booth, we need three or four looping photos or short bursts of video (boomeranged) to make of GIF animation video. We can also say GIF’s can be branded with static or animated overlays. They are always funny to make, more popular and easy to share among people or social media. This type of photo booth makes parties , weddings or social celebrations more special and funny.
types of photo booths, Hypley

Sometimes GIF’s and slow-motion videos are too heavy for small or personal celebrations. Than we have one more existing option to record moments with “Flip Book”. It is a simple way to animate images.These flip book photo booths are more funny,  nostalgic and pleasant photo booth style. In this photo booth,  a tiny book is used to shows a mini movie in the form of pictures when flipped at high speed. This style of photography lies in between book and movie.

types of photo booths, Hypley

With this photo booth, guests can see themselves from all sides at 360-degree. This photo booth style is very popular over social media. There is no doubt, it’s an incredible way to record a live moment with time and see it from all angles from all directions. 360 Photo Booth delivers nothing short of the Hollywood experience and can be applied to a range of Personal Parties, Business Events, University Events, Sporting Events, Social Events and even Weddings as well. If you are thinking to do this, we can help you with ….

types of photo booths, Hypley

Green Screen photo booth style enables us to put any background or backdrop setting behind photo. This type of photo shoot technology enable us to transport our guests anywhere , instantly. With the help of this, guest can travel to far-off even without leaving any venue with this green screen photo booth.In this photo booth plan green background is used, that is way it is called “Green Screen Photo Booth”.

types of photo booths, Hypley

This hashtag printing service allows you to get instant print and display your own photos by simply using your hashtag when you upload them to Instagram or Twitter. For corporate celebrations, hashtag printing also gives brands the perfect opportunity to expand their social media outreach by having more interaction with their hashtag.

In this type of  digital photo booth, we actually no need of physical photo booth even we can only need to rent a printer, just for print photos. For example, choose some unique hashtags from your event, than just ask your guests to tag and share their photos throughout your event. Then, using printer services, you can print out any photos tagged with you.

types of photo booths, Hypley
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