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Wedding attire, Hypley

Every other occasion calls for a different outfit and, picking up the right one is not an easy job. You may have to dig through the wardrobe, search for the matching dress. When it comes to wedding ceremonies, the choices might even get narrower. We went through various articles and magazines to pick out some of the best recommendations for you, on how to dress for a wedding.

Before we dive into this distinctive topic, you have to understand certain etiquette on how to get dressed for a wedding. With time passing by, weddings are becoming less about fancy outfits and more about arrangements. These being said, it does not mean you can wear anything casual to the wedding. Make sure you look behaved!


Wedding attire for men

What better way for a man to dress up for a wedding than wear a formal suit with a dashing tie? But even though it sounds easy for men, there are some fashion guidelines they need to follow to look their best at a wedding. As men, the choice of wedding suits varies based on seasons. In summer or spring, bright fabric color suits will save you from the scorching sun. Try to wear a shirt and chinos as a guest at an informal wedding. They will look awesome! If it is in winter, a dark color wool-blend suit will do fine.

If there is no dress code specified, a traditional tuxedo with a black bow-tie and polished black shoes will work for you. In some cases, your invitation might mention you wear a Texas formal dress code, for example. Make sure you switch the dress shoes with black cowboy boots or wear a playful vest under your jacket. When it comes to male guests, a navy blue suit can be your signature dress for all wedding occasions, unless they are black-tie or formal weddings. If it fits your size, you can add accessories such as a pocket square or fancy cuff-links to give it a more custom look. On the inside, a white shirt and an exquisitely patterned tie will work with the navy blue suit.

Wedding attire, Hypley


Wedding attire for women

Women usually have very flexible options when it comes to wedding dresses. Whether the dress code is specified or not, there are certain wedding principles that you need to follow. Wedding venue location, the wedding theme, and the guests are some of the influencing factors.

If the dress code is not specified, you can always rock your best appropriate dress. It is a thumb rule to always have a cocktail dress in your wardrobe, for emergencies. Dresses like these can come in handy, even for wedding ceremonies. Try, by all means, to maintain a formal dress code without completely covering up your elegance side. However, when figuring out what to wear at a wedding as a guest, you need to be aware of the fact that some colors like black will fancy you more on a wedding night. Also, avoid going with a purse or a handbag. You can resort to a small clutch instead.


Let’s see your options when the dress code is specified.

Wedding attire, Hypley


Formal wedding: black and white tie weddings

These are the most formal types of weddings you can find, with the white tie taking the first position. Therefore, as you choose your dress, keep in mind to remain glamorous while not eliminating the formal code. Here, you are just left with the option of a full-length gown when going to a white tie wedding. You can always maintain this option for a black-tie wedding as it is still appropriate. Or, you can opt for more of a cocktail dress, jumpsuit, or pants. Also, you can look complete in both dress codes with a good pair of sandal heels, wedges, or any other appropriate heel.


Nevertheless, avoid acquiring a dress that matches those of the bridesmaids’ dresses. For instance, it may send the wrong message to the bridesmaids’ team. To avoid any sort of complications, make sure that you are well aware of the bridesmaids’ dresses, beforehand.

Wedding attire, Hypley


Casual or traditional weddings

Confused about what ethnic dress to wear for the wedding? Well, don’t be. You know the wedding couple, their preferences, their views. Best if you ask for their suggestions. You can always get help from the elders, hosting the wedding. Why not a summer sundress in the summertime, if it’s a casual wedding?

But the casual tag does not imply that you have to dress down by rocking sneakers, slippers, shorts, or jeans. Instead, choose for a blend of fabric that matches the wedding theme.

Wedding attire, Hypley


Festive attire and tropical weddings

The festive attire dress code is introduced, not so long ago. It allows you to have a fun element for the wedding. For example, as you choose your cocktail dress, choose more unusual colors. Or, if you rather decide to go for a bold color cocktail dress, make sure you add beautiful accessories to your look, especially jewelry. If the wedding has a tropical theme, then resort to good wedges or heel sandals while you wear your best cotton sundress. The most important thing here is to not miss out on any distinctive part of the dress. Rather, choose a dress that makes you look exuberant!

Wedding attire, Hypley


What to not wear at a wedding?

The first thing to figure out when it comes to what guests wear to weddings is to stay clear of some general fashion don’ts. The first and foremost thing when it comes to outfits for guests at a wedding is to avoid wearing white unless the bride and the groom suggested it as a dress code. Also, avoid wearing a mini dress or skirt that is too short. Some fashion prodigies suggest that if you feel that you cannot wear it at church, then do not wear it at the wedding. To simplify things your choice of a mini dress or skirt should not look too casual or as if it is meant for occasions like a night out with your clubbing friends.

When it comes to what a guest can wear at weddings, outfits like sweat pants and flip-flops are out of order of course. Denim wear can be acceptable only if the bride and groom chose such a theme, otherwise, they might appear too casual and you might be seen as if you did not put much effort to show respect to the ceremony. Another discussed outfit traditionally not appropriate for a wedding is, plunging necklines. You have to make sure that even when you opt for plunging necklines, you don’t appear out of the family-friendly context of most weddings. Sheer materials might also not give the right appeal when it comes to dressing sense for a wedding, especially if anyone can see what you are wearing inside through the fabric.

Wedding attire, Hypley



That’s all from us! We recommended some of the most important things to be kept in mind while selecting your dress for a wedding. We know you’ll look as dashing and as beautiful in your wedding attire, as it gets. Wish you a happy wedding!

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