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A “grazing table” is a tablescape filled with artfully arranged meats, cheese, crudité, as well as seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations and serving utensils and dishes. It’s a relaxed way for you and your guests to mingle without actually cooking and preparing a formal meal.

We have a compiled a list based on reviews and feedback on who are the top grazing table providers in Sydney for your event. Read Below.

Have a look at the Top 30 Grazing Table Experts in Sydney

Deliciously Grazing

Hello, my name is Renee, and I’m the brains behind Deliciously Grazing.

I’ve always loved to entertain, be creative, and make people happy, so in 2017 I launched this small business that began as a hobby. And what a rollercoaster ride it’s been!

With fresh and elegantly decorated grazing tables, platters, and gift boxes, I’d love to help make your special occasion one to remember. All of them are produced especially for you!


Jean Louis Joseph

Jean Louis Joseph is a European deli cafe that specializes in cured meats, cheeses, and gourmet foods from around the world.

We are a European deli cafe in Drummoyne, Sydney’s Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre. We provide a great assortment of cured meats and cheeses from France, Spain, Italy, and Australia, both local and imported.

We also have all of the gourmet ingredients you’ll need in your pantry. You can order a wonderful gourmet sandwich from our kitchen while you’re here.


Wise Platter Co

The catering company Wise Platter Co is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Our mission is to create memorable encounters by designing and assembling exquisite cheese and charcuterie plates and grazes. Every dish is handcrafted with care and creativity.

We want to make your ideas a reality! Not only will our platters feed your guests, but they will also set the tone for your celebration.

We can accommodate any event.

In our platters, high-quality produce is essential. Every plate is brimming with delectable cheeses, premium charcuterie, fresh fruits, and nibbling accompaniments.


Le Fromage

Is Brie the person you’re looking for? Since 2016, we have catered for all kind of events, large and small. Le Fromage, based in Sydney, creates unique grazing tables that will impress your visitors. Chanel Indari, our founder, takes delight in making each plate and/or table a visual and aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. Every platter is meticulously built and treated as a work of art. Our goal is to design a unique grazing table that will impress your visitors and offer an amazing experience by sourcing high quality and fresh vegetables from throughout Sydney.

Grazing tables are a great way to bring people together to enjoy the festivities while also giving them the opportunity to ‘graze’ during the event.


Nibble & Graze

We were started by Anna Mascitelli, who was inspired to create her own business after years of throwing events and parties for friends and family at her house. This is how Nibble and Graze got their start.

Anna’s motto is “Creating lovely grazing tables and fresh food platters for all events,” which originates from her love of making people happy with the food and presenting it on a beautifully decorated table. Nibble and Graze works hard to create grazing tables and platters that are tailored to your preferences, budget, and style. Her Italian ancestry and cooking skill have affected how she prepares and delivers an abundance of food for anyone to enjoy.


Graze Lane Co

Curated by two girls from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs with a background in events, hospitality, business, and a passion for cuisine. We offer an array of customised grazing suited to your fantasies, with two locations on Sydney’s East Coast. There’s something for everyone, from small snacking platters, grazing spreads, and picnics to our micro boxes.

Our goal is to cater to each individual uniquely, generating moments that are uniquely yours. We want to learn about and hear about your dreams and visions to create something spectacular for everyone of our clients. What we excel at is creating custom moments to add to those small unforgettable encounters.


Radish Events

You might recognize us as Dan the Man Cooking, which was our previous moniker. The 2020 saga had a significant influence on our business, allowing us to reflect, refine our processes, try some new brownie recipes, and rebrand to RADISH Events.

Our core essence hasn’t changed. We haven’t changed our ideals or mission. We’re passionate about food and committed to building a company with a mission.

Since 2011, we’ve been cooking wonderful cuisine for weddings and social occasions, and since 2017, we’ve been working towards zero waste, and we’re more delighted than ever to continue delivering you food that rocks your tastebuds!

We specialize in providing delectable meals for weddings, private parties, and business gatherings. We also offer event planning, staffing, floristry, styling, party hire, installations, and more through our awesome industry partners.


Salt Of The Earth Catering

Gourmet canapes are catered for weddings, engagements, birthdays, baby showers, christenings, and wakes all across Sydney. We are a gourmet catering company headquartered in Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches that specializes in cocktail parties and has a passion for inventive and excellent meals.

Weddings, engagements, baby showers, birthdays, brunches, corporate, bereavement, and children’s parties are all possibilities. We utilize only the best, freshest ingredients and strive for perfection in both flavor and presentation. Our professional, down-to-earth approach and meticulous attention to detail will ensure a successful and unforgettable event for you and your guests.


Bella Catering & Events

Our lives revolve around food. It’s always been like way. We are always looking for the best quality, whether it’s working with specific farms to select the freshest fruits and vegetables from the markets on a daily basis, or sourcing suppliers for meats, seafoods, and various raw materials, we are always looking for the best quality to produce the best food.

To provide our clients with the greatest tasting, creatively inspired menus, it takes a little bit of magic and a lot of passion. Whether it’s the most lavish of events or the tiniest customised ones, we’ve always held ourselves to a higher standard.

We have only the best people working on our team in order to continually meet these high standards, both in terms of delivery, service, and, of course, the quality of the food we make. We’d like to introduce you to some of the inspiring folks who make Bella Catering’s food so delicious.


Eat Graze Love

Bianca, the owner/operator of Eat Graze Love, is my name. I’d like to say that my enthusiasm for cheese and wine led me to start this wonderful business, but I discovered my passion for cooking after being asked to bring a cheese plate to my mother’s 60th birthday party. This style of catering and serving meals has become such a joy and a significant part of my life as a result of one thing leading to another.

Sophie (left), my sister, is the floral mastermind behind all of our tables, and we have so much fun being invited into people’s homes, being a part of events, and creating magical moments for our customers.


Honest Nutrition

Hi! My name is Melissa, and I’m a Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian who enjoys cooking nutritious, tasty meals. I’m interested about assisting others in living healthier lifestyles and educating people how to improve their health via diet. My nutrition philosophy is based on real, wholefoods and finding balance, without the use of fads or so-called super foods.

Nothing pleases me more than eating delicious, wholesome cuisine and producing healthy dishes as a foodie. On weekends, you’ll most often find me at a seaside cafe, in my kitchen, or preparing lovely, healthy platters to share with friends and family.


Platter Wonderland

Growing up in a Middle Eastern household meant fantastic food spreads for joyful occasions or basically any event that involved FOOD and a lot of it, lots of small plates of foods, which we call mezze.

And I was inspired to bring this to your big event after a lifelong love and preoccupation with food. I spent over 15 years in corporate catering, watching the good, bad, and ugly of the industry, and understanding how different businesses eat (yes, they all differ) and what finer aspects need to be addressed. These are molecular layers that are specific to our method of execution.

Platter Wonderland was created out of a passion for all things culinary, as well as beauty, love, and bringing people together. We enjoy combining flavors from all over the world, and you’ll often find substantial Middle Eastern influences blended with ingredients from other cultures.

Beauty, color, and a delectable trip to Wonderland greet your guests.

We’re fascinated with making these for our guests, so if you have a special occasion coming up, I’d be delighted to make one for you!


Buffet By Bonnie

Weddings, baby showers, engagements, christenings, birthdays, hens, christmas & new years celebrations are all catered for by this catering company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. To accommodate your event type, Buffet By Bonnie offers a variety of delectable platters, grazing tables, desserts, and cake selections. We collaborate with the host to best meet their needs and relieve them of the burden of catering so they can focus on the event.

Bonnie is someone you should get to know.

Bonnie has always had to be hands-on in the kitchen, with three brothers and a mother of two adorable twin boys. Bonnie’s love of baking and entertaining has led to her assisting others in the Sydney area.


She Does Picnics

Hi! I’m Hayley, and luxury picnics are my jam (on a scone, with cream)

After seeing hundreds of brides and mothers-to-be walk through The Vintage Kitchen’s doors, I came up with the idea for luxury picnics. Our lovely tableware is booked for baby showers, kitchen teas, weddings, and birthday celebrations all around Sydney every week. 

With all of this in mind, we created our themed luxury picnics. And now is the moment for them to emerge from their big sister’s shadow and shine on their own. She Does Picnics is delighted to welcome you. We’re so excited to make picnic magic for you!


Bella's Feast

It’s been a while since my sister and I won My Kitchen Rules in 2011 and knocked Pete Evans and Manu Fieldel’s taste buds out.

Since then, I’ve worked as a resident chef on The Morning Show for four years, kept busy as a home cooking expert for Lifestyle Food, and, most crucially, produced and hosted my own TV show Kitchen Rescue, which aired on Channel 10 for two seasons before being picked up by Netflix worldwide.

But it’s not the media that fuels this foodie’s passion… I enjoy eating, but more importantly, I enjoy feeding!

Quality, consistent cuisine delivered on time, every time for your special event with our passionate and dedicated team is crucial to our success. We also provide a variety of packages to fit your specific event needs and budget. We’ve got it all covered, from sausage sizzles with DIY condiment bars to luxurious Mediterranean grazing tables, fine dining sit-down dinners, and nutritious conference lunches. Alternatively, if you want something a little different, we may develop a custom menu especially for you. Our broad menus containing plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free dishes may easily meet any dietary needs.


Sorelle Eats

Sorelle arose from our mutual love and enthusiasm for food, which our Nonna instilled in us from a young age, feeding us till we could barely move from the dinner table. She cooked from the heart and put her heart and soul into whatever she did. She demonstrated how much love can be poured into a single meal, and the satisfaction you feel when you see the entire dinner table enjoy the cuisine you’ve cooked makes it all worthwhile. Cooking is pure, unadulterated more, not a labor of love.

We like to think we bring the same spirit into all of our food creations, and we use it as a springboard to work with the seasons and our local suppliers and producers to highlight the greatest products available. All of our menu items are made from scratch, and we couldn’t think of a better way to prove what goes into each one and how we came up with them than to be able to describe exactly what goes into them and how we came up with them.


The Italian Job Catering Company

The greatest Italian catering company in Sydney is The Italian Job Catering Co. Fresh hand-made pizzas cooked in an authentic Italian mobile pizza oven bring together the coolest culinary traditions. Our bespoke wood-fired oven trailer serves delectable pizza to the Sydney area, while our world-class rotisserie prepares the most luscious slow- cooked meat. We can cater for any occasion with a menu that includes pasta, dessert, grazing/buffet tables, and so much more.

For nearly two decades, Head Chef Frank has baked pizza and developing Italian-inspired cuisine. After working in a number of well-known Sydney Italian restaurants, he felt it was time to branch out and create his own. Frank decided to branch out due to the popularity and tremendous demand for his delicious, insatiable pizza and is now able to bring the wood fired pizza oven to you!

Only the freshest seasonal produce is sourced at The Italian Job Catering Co., and it is combined with the finest Italian imported products to create a synergy.


Sydney Food Stylist

Yael has created and themed advanced parties, weddings, private events, public relations launches, and children’s parties.

She added snacking tables and dessert bars to all of her events as an afterthought, and they quickly became her trademark.

Her passion for food is undeniable. Cooking and creating in the kitchen brings her back to her ‘happy place,’ and preparing a feast for family and friends is her ‘happy place’! She is kept busy at home by her four boys (her husband and three sons).

Sydney food stylist creates marketing images for foods and venues. Food companies and goods are photographed for web and social media promotions. Grazing tables, editorial style, brand marketing, and event designs are among the other services offered.


Grazi'n Gourmet

With over 18 years of experience in catering and hospitality, I bring you our excellent grazing table buffet stations. Our team collaborates with you, our client, to guarantee that you receive the most appropriate package for your event. Relax and enjoy the company while our skilled chefs prepare our delectable sweet and savoury food stations. I assure you’ll enjoy every moment!


Table and Graze

TABLE AND GRAZE specializes in constructing one-of-a-kind grazing tables, sourcing high-quality gourmet ingredients, and meticulously preparing each table… Your guests will be wowed at your next event!

Large-scale corporate events, weddings, cocktail parties, engagement parties, hens’ evenings, and intimate birthday celebrations are all catered for. Whether you need a single huge snacking table, cheese boards, or hampers, we’ve got you covered for your next event!


Lovebites Bondi

Our food is passionately handcrafted in small batches each week from Australia’s Bondi Beach, using locally sourced, ethically sourced ingredients of the greatest quality.

Since our inception in 2014, we’ve honed our stylistic and culinary skills through a series of delectable parties + events, market-smart breakfasts for Bondi’s hungry hipsters every Saturday, built a wholesale business from the ground up, and found ourselves back in the studio – this time, to feed the models, photographers, producers, stylists, make-up artists, and lighting assistants with our highly Instagrammable platters, LoveBoxes and Grazing Tables.


Goodness Gracious Sydney

Hello there, fellow grazers!! I’m Rachel, the founder and operator of Goodness Gracious Sydney, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are one of the most important characteristics we uphold at GG.

All of the ingredients on our grazing tables, grazing platters, and grazing boxes are sourced the day of or the day before your event to ensure that the GG standard is met.


Platter Up Co

Katelyn Tripodi, a cheese fan and berry advocate who believes in the’more is more’ trend and encourages biting into brie like an apple, created platters and grazing tables with affection. Katelyn was born and nurtured in Sydney with a fig in her hand at all times. Her Maltese and Italian ancestors have shaped her into the meat, cheese, and wine connoisseur she is today. She’s tasted cheese all around the world, and her enthusiasm shines through in her work; she puts her heart and soul into each and every dish! If you’re interested in learning more about this cheesy gal, check out my blog post below!


Shared Affiar

At Shared Affair, we wanted to share the food that has been on our family and friends’ tables for years with the rest of the globe. We infuse our meals with a hint of “home-cooked” sweetness and share some of our kitchen secrets with you.

Our chefs are creative thinkers who enjoy creating fresh and interesting meals while paying tribute to classics.

We feel that food is a terrific conversation starter, so our rustic styling and shared options encourage customers to interact with our cooks and each other. We make sure your event is one to remember with an emphasis on seasonal produce and the ideal wine combination!


The Sydney Platter Society

I’m an event planner and caterer who enjoys sprinkling fresh flowers over grazing tables and platters made with the freshest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. My passion is creating amazing events for my clients, and it makes my heart sing.

The Sydney Platter Society provides gourmet meal boxes, platters, and bespoke snacking table feasts inspired by the Mediterranean.


La Paparedda Catering

My name is Karina, and I’m the proprietor of La Paparedda Catering.

My heart, soul, and heritage are delicious and simple food. I began making my own antipasto and grazing boards for family and friends since I was fascinated about lovely flavors. I quickly realized that I wanted to share my passion for cooking with even more people, so I founded La Paparedda.

In Sicilian, paparedda means “small duck.” My Nonna always called me this, therefore naming my company La Paparedda signifies that her love, my heritage, and the lovely culture of Italy will always be present in my work. From grazing tables to corporate food, everything comes from the heart, which sets me apart from other Sydney catering firms.

Our ingredients are acquired from Sydney’s local markets, with some imported directly from Italy.


Fress Gourmet Gift Platters

As you take in this magnificent work of art, your heart soars. The luxurious FRESS experience begins with feelings of love, gratitude, and excitement, and you haven’t even taken a bite yet.

Fress is a Yiddish term that means to gorge yourself and savor every bite. It’s a word that encapsulates

our passion for making, sharing, and eating Jodi Lyons, the founder of FRESS, is an artist and a foodie.

believes that you eat with all of your senses engaged. Her crafts are meant to pamper and delight you.


The Platter Girl

The Platter Girl is a Sydney-based company founded on a passion for food, friends, and entertaining. We aim to take the hassle off of catering for your big occasion, from platter boxes to catered grazing. The Platter Girl, who has a history in events, is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to putting your event together. Nothing pulls people together like good cuisine, whether it’s a private or corporate event. It’s an experience in and of itself, with the potential to leave a lasting impression.


Bluesalt Catering

Bluesalt Catering is a Gold Licensed caterer headquartered in Brook vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We specialize in weddings of all sizes, as well as corporate and private parties. From the planning stages through the event itself, we believe in providing our clients with value, quality, and a high level of customer service.

We’re motivated by providing straightforward customer support that makes event planning as simple as possible. Our Events Team believes that outstanding cuisine, drink, and service are essential components of any event, no matter how large or small.

We combine traditional hospitality with cutting-edge catering. Our goal is to make sure your event goes off without a hitch, right down to the last detail. When you have a team of specialists on your side, planning your event doesn’t have to be stressful. We adore what we do and consider it an honor to be asked to participate in any celebration.


A Dash Of Wyn

Hello, my name is wyn, and I’m the brains behind a dash of wyn.

Based on the peninsula of Morning ton I’m a sucker for all things delectable, especially when it comes to making your snacking fantasies a reality.

When I’m not eating, I’m assisting others in doing so in the most elegant way I know how.

For weddings, dinner parties, engagements, and business events, I collaborate with event planners, florists, and stylists.

Whatever the occasion, I feel that a bright, delicious table of locally sourced, high-quality produce will be the element of the party that your visitors remember long after the festivities are done!


All listed Sydney based Grazing Table experts are providing excellent grazing table services.

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