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Have a look at the Top 30 Jumping Castle To Hire in Sydney

Bubbling With Energy Entertainment

It all started when their CEO, Mark Rubiolo, and his prior wife, Corinna, were trying to come up with a name for their video game rental firm. Bubbling With Energy Entertainment was established as a result. 

They didn’t buy their own jumping castles to hire in Sydney until one day, when a bouncy castle hire company failed to show up for an event, leaving children and parents upset. They kept the jumping castles in their garage, took phone calls whenever they could, and delivered flyers all around Sydney (before the internet! ), until they ran out of room and had to acquire a factory.

They are Sydney’s top amusement and entertainment company, and they are on a mission to forever transform the way Sydney celebrates birthdays and events. They want everyone to feel safe and have a good time while using our products and services.


Jumping Rascals

Jumping Rascals is a family-owned and run business that takes pleasure in offering only the highest-quality jumping castles in Sydney. Customers return to them because of their pleasant customer service.

You can always be sure you’re getting the best value with their competitive pricing and special offers. You don’t have to mess around with putting up and taking down your jumping castle. Everything is taken care of by them! This allows you to focus on preparing the party pies or hors d’oeuvres and getting the drinks chilled. Contact them if you’re looking for the greatest jumping castle rental.


Jumping Castles ‘R’ Us

Jumping Castles “R” Us is a family-owned and run jumping castle rental and party rental company dedicated to offering a high level of service for jumping castle rentals throughout Sydney. Their goal is to build a jumping castle that will bring hours of pleasure and a day that will be remembered for years to come for their clients. There are a lot of benefits when you hire jumping castles from us for birthday parties, school fetes, fundraising events, business events, christenings, and other occasions.


Jumping Castles Online

When it comes to hiring a jumping castle in Sydney or Wollongong, Jumping Castles Online strives to provide the most convenient service possible. Simply choose your jumping castle, add a fairy floss, popcorn, or sno cone machine, and enter your information. They will take care of the rest! This company allows you to book a jumping castle rental 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In Sydney and Wollongong, Jumping Castles Online has one of the most diverse selections of jumping castles for hire. If you’re planning a boy or girl’s birthday party, check out their themed jumping castles, which include Toy Story, Monsters University, Frozen (coming soon), World of Disney, Disney Princesses, Batman, and more. Alternatively, if you’re throwing a summer party, check out our water slides and Jump ‘N’ Splash combos.


All 4 Fun Jumping Castles

Their name pretty much says it all: All 4 Fun Jumping Castles is here to bring fun to any party with kids and adults that enjoy laughter, energy, and having a good time. They handle everything such as delivery, set-up, and clean up after the event so all you have to do is sit back and watch the kids have a blast!

For them, safety is vital. They have comprehensive public liability insurance and keep all of our equipment in excellent working order. You want the best? They deliver it, and they deliver it all year round. They will be there whether you’re holding a weekend event or celebrating on a weekday. Get in touch with them and they will match you up with the right entertainment package for your next get together.


Jumping Mad

Jumping Mad is a jumping castle rental company that works throughout Sydney and the Central Coast, providing inexpensive and dependable service for any occasion. Birthdays, sports presentations, christenings, fundraising, corporate gatherings, and other occasions are all catered for. Jumping Mad is a family-owned and operated local business that you can trust. With over 3 years of expertise, they take pleasure in being the best in the business.


Sydney Jumping Castle Hire

“We won’t let you down,” says Sydney Jumping Castle Hire, which specializes in Australian-made inflatables with the greatest level of safety and customer satisfaction.

All castle rentals include free certified crash mats as well as all necessary safety equipment, such as trip hazard devices, road safety cones, kid-proof extension lead covers, and circuit breaker safety devices installed on all power leads. Quality is important at Sydney Jumping Castle Hire.


Jumping Ever After

They provide a range of fully insured, licensed Disney inspired jumping castles direct from the USA, built with only the highest quality, heavy-duty vinyl that surpasses all Australian Compliance Standards to ensure maximum security and durability. Since your children’s safety is their top priority, take a look at their castles, which range from jumpers with plenty of jumping room to combo castles with plenty of jumping space, a slide, basketball hoop, climbing sections, and fun obstacles to keep the youngsters and big kids (yes, that includes you, mom and dad) occupied for hours.

They are confident you’ll discover the ideal jumping castle for your next event, whether it’s a birthday party, a school or sporting event, or simply for fun! Continue to smile and bounce with joy. 


Ash Jumping Castles

Greetings from Ash Jumping Castles! They’re here to provide you with the most up-to-date information about a wide range of inflatable castles available for hire all across Sydney. With such a large range to choose from, they hope to inspire your creative ideas. With so many options, you’ll be able to create a genuinely memorable event for your children and their friends. So all you have to do is imagine it, and they’ll take care of the rest! They specialise in themed parties, and they love celebrating children’s birthdays and assisting you in making them one of the most unique festivities possible.


Austin Jumping Castles

They are a family owned and operated business situated in Sydney, NSW, that provides excellent service at a low cost with no deposit and no bond. They can lower the price if the customer provides a lower quote, and they will also give a 5% discount on the next booking. They take care of the customer’s budget and requirements.

Austin Jumping Castles offers complete accessories for a very low price, along with a little delivery fee, and a package for a very low price. Our products are brand new, clean, insured, and compliant with Australian regulations. With half-day, full-day, and overnight rentals, they can provide the perfect entertainment for your child’s birthday party or other occasions. All you have to do is give them a call and make a reservation.

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Wonderland Jumping Castles

Wonderland Jumping Castles is a Western Sydney-based family-owned and run enterprise. Families and organisations in all Sydney suburbs, including the hills region, western suburbs, southern suburbs, northern beaches, and eastern suburbs, have benefited from their jumping castles.

Every taste, size, and price are catered for in our ever-expanding collection. Whether it’s a planned event or a last-minute decision, Wonderland Jumping Castles provides a personalized service to make reserving your next castle as easy as possible.


MDJ Castles

MDJ Castles is a family-owned and operated jumping castle hire company. Their office is in Blacktown, and they serve the entire Sydney metropolitan area. Within a 20-kilometer radius of Blacktown, they provide free delivery. MDJ Castles understands the importance of having a thrilling and memorable event that does not break the bank. To make the day as stress-free as possible, the jumping castle is delivered, set-up, and collected.

Birthday parties, weddings, christenings, athletic events, fetes, and corporate celebrations are all appropriate for MDJ Castles and Party Hire. Their top priority is always safety. That’s why we’re covered by comprehensive public liability insurance. You may rest assured that when you call, you will speak with a live person, and that if you send them an email, they will respond soon. Customer satisfaction is their first priority, and they will do everything they can to meet your requirements.


Just Jumping Castle

They are a freshly established, Seven Hills-based, family-owned business. All of Sydney’s metropolitan area is served by their amazing jumping castles. They are proud to announce that they provide the most comprehensive selection of licensed and themed castles, combos, and adult entertainment. 

As a family-owned business, they understand the value of customer service, so you can expect to speak with a live person when you call and know that we will be on time every time. Because they have children of their own, they understand that things change, so if your plans change, just call and they’ll make arrangements to meet your needs.



JUMP2U Jumping Castles and Party Hire is an Australian-owned and operated party hire and entertainment company run by the happy couple in this shot. Please give them the opportunity to introduce themselves. They adore every minute they spend with their three children under the age of eight, and they value all of the beautiful and stressful moments they share with them as they grow up. Their love of children will always extend to you and your children. They will endeavor to be completely dedicated to making that important day for your family one to remember and enjoy.

They would be delighted to JUMP2U at your request and share their love of children and their experiences with you and your family at any time, since that’s what they do. Jump2U claims to deliver the highest quality and widest selection of jumping castles to the entire Sydney metropolitan area. They will not employ knockoffs; they pride themselves on giving you an unforgettable experience.


Jumping Castle Kings

Jumping Castle Kings is a family-owned and run business headquartered in Neutral Bay, Sydney. They believe in providing high-quality, courteous, and reasonably priced party services that are appropriate for the occasion and event. Jumping Castle Kings has the appropriate fun and activity options for any party, carnival, birthday celebration, or event. Jumping Castle Kings has over ten years of experience in the fun and entertainment industry. Their specialty is children’s entertainment and enjoyment, and this is where we draw our specialized experience.

Their services are available throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond. A couple of schools with which they have collaborated have given them accreditation and acknowledgement for their efforts. Businesses, daycare facilities, or childcare centres, parents, and schools are among our target audiences.


Jump & Slide

Jump & Slide, based in Merrylands, is a family-run business that specialises in jumping castle hire. They serve the Merrylands area and provide free delivery within a 30-kilometer radius. Jump & Slide understands the importance of having an entertaining and memorable event that does not break the bank.

The Jumping Castle is brought, set-up, and collected in such a way that it helps you have a stress-free day. With their magnificent, large soccer field, they have a wide choice of jumping castles ranging in length from 4 meters to over 12 meters. When your child’s birthday arrives, throw a party with an amazing inflatable jumping castle. When your child’s party guests arrive at your event and witness a fun, themed jump house, they will squeal with delight. With an all-day rental, you can rest assured that your children will be able to play for hours on end.


Bucking Events

In December 2015, Australia’s premier amusement and entertainment group, Bubbling with Energy Entertainment, purchased the Bucking Events company. As a result, the company was able to reach out to a wider spectrum of clients, providing the greatest interactive games and entertainment for hire.

Mechanical Bulls, Obstacle Courses, and a variety of adult inflatables and entertainment are the focus of Bucking Events. The group’s main focus is on having a good time and staying safe. Bucking Events is your one-stop shop for sporting events, holiday parties, and more.


Bounce O Rama

Bounce O Rama is all about having a good time! They’re also big proponents of play and how it can help kids create a healthy, active, and creative lifestyle. After spending over 15 years working with children (their Director was an Early Childhood Educator, Nanny, and regular wild child herself), this almost official husband and wife team decided to ditch their desk-bound, nine-to-five jobs and spend their days doing something that allowed them to BRING JOY.

Their goal is to revolutionize the inflatable market by providing one-of-a-kind and custom jumping castle designs, as well as a superior customer experience.


Castle Kingdom

Castle Kingdom is a Mittagong-based company that caters to events around the Southern Highlands and beyond. They recognize how important it is to make your child’s day memorable, so they add some extra colour, joy, and excitement. They provide a safe, clean, fully insured, and well-managed family business, and our selection of jumping castles, inflatables, party games, and fun foods will ensure that your event is remembered for hours of entertainment, fun, and laughter.

Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Corporate Team Building, School Fetes, Fundraisers, and Community Events are just a few of the types of events they cater to. Castle Kingdom is covered by a $20 million public liability insurance policy, and all of its employees are up to date on their working with children clearances.


Western Sydney Jump

Western Sydney Jump is where all of Western Sydney’s entertainment takes place. There are inflatables and outdoor and indoor activities, as well as carnival cuisine and face painting. They cater both corporate and private occasions. Regardless of the venue or weather, they want to make sure that your guests are entertained and leave with wonderful memories.

They strongly recommend that supervision be provided for public and big events, but if supervision is not provided, you are accepting responsibility and risk for individuals who use the jumping castle. They do, however, present a sign with safety instructions to ensure that everyone is informed of the situation.


Planet Entertainment

Planet Entertainment has been providing amusement rentals since 1989. They have years of experience in the field and know how to make your event a huge success. They bring fun with a wide variety of games and entertainment solutions in all sizes and shapes.

Planet Entertainment specializes in creating the most dynamic and high-quality concepts. Corporations, schools, church groups, hotels, clubs, sporting groups, universities, colleges, and individual clients are among their clientele. Their skilled and user-friendly team will deliver, setup, and run all of our items, and you will be covered by our $20 million public liability insurance to ensure your safety.


Candy Castle 2U

Each member of staff has passed a Working with Children Check and a Police Check. They have received First Aid training. I worked with children for a total of 20 years. They have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to offering services to youngsters. They put each child’s safety first while still allowing them to enjoy their celebrations to the fullest. Infection prevention training for COVID-19.


Big Fun

Big Fun has a large selection of inflatables, rides, and packages to suit your party and entertainment needs. They’ve got sumo suits, bucking rides, gigantic slides, dunk tanks, photo booths, cash cubes, snowcone machines, jumping castles, and everything else covered. They also have a selection of classic arcade games that are sure to provide “big fun.” With their Daytona racing, football, air hockey, pinball machines, dance games, and so much more, show the kids how it’s done.

Today, you may put your trust in Big Fun’s party rental services. After all, they’ve worked on shows like Ellen, The Biggest Loser, Sunrise, Beauty and the Geek, The X Factor, and Big Brother.


Bouncy Beez

Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles, which are exclusive to the Northern Beaches and North Shore, have been injecting fun into events for the past 10 years. They provide a large selection of jumping castles for various events. Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles will help in every way they can to guarantee that the event goes on regardless of the weather, as each jumping castle has its own uniquely fitted rain jacket.

Bouncy Beez Jumping Castles were created with the goal of providing unforgettable memories for everyone who attends your event.


Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles is a well-known company in the business that specializes in providing a unique selection of fun and exciting jumping castles. They rent out small, medium, large, and combo jumping castles to meet their customers’ specific needs. When it comes to creating and constructing their jumping castles, they don’t stick to the old-school or dull construction methods.

In comparison to their jumping castle collection, which is brand new, their jumping castles are unlike those generally available on the market with plain printed graphics. Gender-neutral natural themes are combined with high-quality digital images and 3D inflatable characters in their jumping castles. Their jumping castles are meticulously constructed with the fun attitude of children in mind. These are long-lasting, safe, and simple to install. It is safe for children to play on it for an extended period of time.


Jumping Jumpers

Their jumping castles are of the highest quality, are completely safe, and are the coolest complement to any gathering. Consider renting a jumping castle for a birthday party, a corporate event, a school function, or a community event. They have a large selection. They offer FREE drop-off, pick-up, and setup to Sydney metro residents.What about outside of Sydney? For a small delivery price, they’ll gladly supply. View their whole product line and pricing. 

Their inflatables are of the highest quality, are extremely safe, and are the coolest complement to any event. For a birthday party, corporate function, school or community event, consider renting an inflatable game or obstacle course. They have a large selection. They offer FREE drop-off, pick-up, and setup to Sydney metro residents.


Little Kingdom Jumping Castles

They specialise in high quality, unique designed, kid-safe inflatable jumping castles, slides, popcorn machines, and slushie machines for short and long-term hire at competitive pricing, supplied free throughout Sydney at Little Kingdom Jumping Castles. They also provide child minding services, letting you relax and enjoy the event without worrying about your children’s safety as they enjoy our jumping castles. They are also fully insured, giving you peace of mind.

Birthday parties, religious gatherings, children’s carnivals, fetes, and festivals are just a few of the events they provide for. For them, no job is too big or too small.


2 Famous Jumping castle

The well-known “2 Famous Jumping Castles” welcomes you! They’re here to provide you with the most up-to-date information about a wide range of inflatable castles available for hire in Westmead, New South Wales. With such a large range to choose from, they hope to inspire your creative ideas. With so many options, you’ll be able to create a genuinely memorable event for your children and their friends. So all you have to do is imagine it, and they’ll take care of the rest!

They specialize in themed parties, and they love celebrating children’s birthdays and assisting you in making them one of the most unique festivities possible. As a proudly owned family business, they’re here to make sure you not only locate exactly what you need for your next event, but also that it isn’t too expensive. That’s why they’ve made it their duty to make sure you get a fantastic deal without sacrificing quality.


Jumping Castles for Hire in Sydney West

From basic 3m designs to 10sqm Jumbo Castles, complete with slides, ladders, and other fun elements, they supply a comprehensive selection of inflatables for hire from our base in Blacktown, NSW. They like to make it easy for parents by providing end-to-end service that includes installation, safety checks, and operation instructions, in addition to delivering excellent products that are certain to thrill and entertain the little ones.

They’re also recognized for their consistently affordable prices, with full-day inflatable fun starting at just $140. Their little jumpers require only 3m x 3m of free area, so they can set up in almost any position. If it starts to rain, they can even supply coverings so you can keep the celebration going.


Castle Wonderland

The adventure begins at Castle Wonderland. They’re a brand-new Sydney-based company that specializes in a wide spectrum of children’s and adult entertainment. When you book one of our inflatable castles for your special occasion, everyone will have an extraordinary, memorable day. Their castles range in size from modest to huge. Each castle is brightly colored and loaded with activity for toddlers, children, and adults.

Massive ultra-fast slides, basketball rings, and climbing obstacle sections are all included in their castles. At Castle Wonderland, they are proud of our service and, above all, the safety of your children is our top priority. As a result, all of their castles are compliant with Australian Standards. They don’t just provide jumping castles. Sumo costumes, gladiator arenas, fairy floss, popcorn, slushie equipment, and balloon arrangements are also available.


All listed Sydney based Jumping Castles  are providing excellent Jumping Castles Hiring Services.

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