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Top 30 Grazing Tables in New York, USA

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Have a look at the Top 30 Grazing Tables in New York

What’s the Kitch

What exactly is The Kitch? is a five-star gourmet catering and events company recognized for its original live-action chef station concept, the gorgeous Grazing Table, and its twist on the small nibble.

Our approach is consistent across the board, from huge clients such as Disney, NBC, Bank of America, and Microsoft to weddings, parties of all kinds, and quiet meals for two. Delicious bites, unrivaled customer service, and creative approaches to everything we do are all hallmarks of our company.

We take pleasure in selecting both fresh local foods and international imports to produce a flavor blend that will please any palate. With our “Pan to Plate” strategy, we are changing the catering industry.


Graze New York

I’ve always enjoyed entertaining, throwing parties, and hosting guests. I started making “graze boards” for our guests after having two girls (hello Harper and Hazel!) and arranging several occasions at our home. graze New York was founded after a friend stated that these were some of the most beautiful – and delicious – boards she’d ever seen (*blushing*).

Whether it’s a small family gathering or a large party, we want to make your event memorable.That’s something we’ve got a board for!

Our boards are designed to be shared and enjoyed as a group (though there’s no shame in having one for yourself!).

I hope you have as much fun “grazing” on them as I have.


Amazing Graze NYC

There is always an excuse to gather friends and families together, no matter what the occasion. We think that food brings people together, and what better way to do so than with a grazing platter.

With our grazing boards, platters, and boxes, Amazing Graze NYC creates gastronomic art. We can transform it into a delectable culinary demonstration or a focal point for any event, including Thank you gift boxes.

It’s a snack lover’s dream come true, with a blend of locally sourced delicacies, artisan cheese, and charcuterie!

We want to make your occasion unforgettable, whether it’s a little family gathering or a large celebration.

That’s something for which we have a board!

Our boards are meant to be shared and enjoyed as much as possible.


Gather + Graze

There is always an excuse to gather friends and families together, no matter what the occasion. We think that food brings people together, and what better way to do so than with a grazing platter.

With our grazing boards, platters, and boxes, Amazing Graze NYC creates gastronomic art. We can transform it into a delectable culinary demonstration or a focal point for any event, including Thank you gift boxes.

It’s a snack lover’s dream come true, with a blend of locally sourced delicacies, artisan cheese, and charcuterie!


Graze & Co.

GRAZE & CO. was formed with the goal to bring style and convenience to the antiquated and costly world of catering. Graze & Co. provides grazing tables and boards for local delivery or shipping, all while preserving an environmentally responsible method and a high-quality product.

We happily rely on the skills of experienced cheesemakers and salumists to accomplish the hard work of creating the excellent products we give to our consumers as a firm of cheesemongers and curators. Local farms, reputable purveyors, and sustainable businesses supply our products. Our cutting boards, plates, and cutlery are all made from environmentally friendly materials, either recycled or reused. We believe that ordering online does not have to be inconvenient.


Grazing affair

A Grazing Affair Board is a feast for the eyes, brimming with vivid hues and fresh food as well as specialty meats and cheeses.Any gathering can be transformed into a Grazing Affair. The grazing board is a fun, unique way to present delicious, eye-catching food to your guests! The Board encourages social dining, which brings people together and makes for a very unique and unforgettable experience.

If you haven’t eaten well, you won’t be able to think clearly, love deeply, or sleep soundly.

Virginia Woolf was a famous author.

For every event, there’s a board. We can set up a grazing board anywhere, including your home, business, pop-up, and event settings! These boards are ideal for a cocktail hour at a wedding.


Graze Smoke House

The secret is out…at GRAZE, we smoke the best barbecue and make the most delectable meat snacks. From our 16-hour brisket to our handcrafted jerky and cured meats, we have something for everyone. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used in our kitchen and recipes. At Graze, everything speaks for itself. It’s time to graze, so come on down.


Campbell & Co.

Everything from cocktail-hour grazing tables and passing appetizers to interactive stations and sit-down meals may be beautifully executed by the Campbell & Co. catering staff. Place your event in our hands and we’ll handle the details.


Pretty Platter Boxes

Pretty Platter Boxes is a New York-based wedding catering company that specializes in gourmet cheese boards and snacking tables for all types of special occasions. Small-batch cheese, locally sourced meat, and fresh fruit are featured on Platters, making each one a work of art. These luxurious plates are almost too gorgeous to eat for soon-to-be-weds.

Pretty Platter Boxes’ crew works hard to build cheese boards that keep guests coming back for more throughout the wedding day. The crew prioritizes mouth-watering quality when picking ingredients, and they have a lot of it. These meat-and-cheese plates are sure to spark conversation at any buffet table.


Babylon Cheese Cellar

Add elegance and variety to your gathering with custom grazing table creations from The Babylon Cheese Cellar. Our team of talented Platter Artists will travel to your venue and build a plentiful masterpiece –unique to you and your event!


Board & You

We’ve designed the perfect elements for your elevated gathering experience, whether it’s a hosted event, at-home gathering, or your big day. Our grazing tables and boards are stocked with traditional meats, cheeses, and other delicacies.


Edenopolis Events

Edenopolis Events is a full-service boutique catering company with clients in New York City and around the world. Custom multi-course menus are available for any type of event, including weddings, business events, and small dinner parties. We also deal with high-end

bar companies and manage event concept design, florals, personnel, rental coordination, and venue coordination. Our cuisine is a collection of home-cooked recipes that we’ve collected on our travels around the globe. We also provide a large, diversified assortment of canapés and are recognized for our lovely grazing tables.


The Plattering Co.

FOOD is both a pleasure to the palette and a means of bringing people together. Food, we believe, is an essential component of any successful corporate or family event.

THE PLATTERING CO. strives to provide guests with gourmet and visual food experiences.

Our bespoke food and display options will cater specifically to your guests, as each event’s goals are distinct.

Every platter’s visual appeal will fire your appetite and have everyone reaching for their phones for a snap souvenir.

For an outstanding dining experience, our menu has been carefully created, with cuisine ingredients sourced and produced.


Oak and honey

Our cooking style emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal, and locally obtained ingredients to create beautiful and colorful dishes. We believe in serving simple, approachable food that satisfies and delights all of our guests in a communal dining experience. Three things we live by and aim for with every event: seasonal, local, and sustainable.


Krisp Events

Krisp Events is one of New York’s finest catering firms. We’ve built a catering experience that allows you to offer your guests a wide range of options, all of which are equally excellent. We bring the best of New York to your gathering, utilizing only the freshest seasonal and organic foods. We take pleasure in our diverse and cosmopolitan cuisine, but we welcome your recommendations for any special menu requests. We give each event our full attention, whether it’s a candlelight dinner for two or a major corporate event, and will gladly walk you through any planning so that you and your guests have the greatest possible experience. We are excited to hear from you.



Samesa Restaurant and Catering co-founders Eli and Max Sussman are brothers, chefs, and co-founders of Samesa Restaurant and Catering. Samesa was founded in 2015 and was inspired by the meals they ate as children in Metro Detroit and the Halal trucks of New York City. The cuisine is centered on chicken shawarma, but there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options as well. The restaurant’s name (pronounced SAH-ME-SAH) was derived from the first letters of their names (Sussman, Avadenka, their shared middle name, and, of course, the initial letters of their names Max and Eli) and signifies the family company they started and continue to run.

Samesa is committed to providing a safe and inviting workplace for its employees and custodians.


Monger’s Palate

We are artisanal and farmstead cheesemongers with a passion for artisanal and farmhouse cheese. We believe in assisting our local and international producers in their efforts to produce food that is good for both people and the environment. We stock a beautifully curated range of charcuterie, sauces, and dry products in addition to the highest quality cheese to take your matching experience to the next level. Come in for a freshly prepared sandwich or one of our elegant bespoke catering platters.


Carlos & Gabby’s

Carlos and Gabby’s is one of the most popular Kosher eateries in the New York area in recent years. Riverdale is our newest delectable location.

Until recently, there were just a few Kosher Mexican restaurants in the area. Some of the restaurants served excellent meals, but they were prohibitively expensive. Others were not only cheap, but also inconsistent. Then, in 2006, Carlos & Gabby’s built their first Lawrence site, a little shop near the Long Island Rail Road crossing on Rockaway Turnpike. It wasn’t particularly opulent or spacious. However, unlike their Kosher-Mexican forerunners, Carlos & Gabby’s has managed to blend a delectable and broad menu of Mexican favorites with a few American classics.


Plated by D

Plated by D aspires to make one-of-a-kind plates and platters that are meant to be shared. Our plates should not only tempt your taste sensations, but also provide a visual feast! With our platters, plates, boxes, and snacking tables, we can cater to every occasion.


Mina’s Yummy Platters

It was love at first bite.

Mina’s Yummy Platters are bursting with brilliant hues and hidden gems. They’re intended to be shared with others. GRAZING PLATTERS ARE ALWAYS A HIT AT GETTINGS! It keeps things easy to have food that is suited for everyone. Whether it’s a meal for two or a huge gathering, our objective is to make your event unforgettable. Thank you can be expressed in a variety of ways. You can now thank someone for pet sitting, providing a ride to work, assisting with your children, or simply appreciating their presence. Although each platter is unique, we are always delighted to accommodate your preferences. EAT.MY.ART!


The Grazing Goddess

On-site and off-site catering services are available. Grazing tables, charcuterie boards, dessert platters, and more are our specialties!


To genuinely bring farm to table, we select local and REAL ingredients.

Platters and spreads can be completely customized to fit your event and taste preferences.

For additional information on your unique occasion, please contact us.

Let’s go a little corny!


Grounded NY

Grounded Catering provides one-of-a-kind and delectable meals for Hudson Valley events and festivities. Grounded Catering, led by Chef Linda Laestadius, is committed to offering the freshest food possible, based on local, organic, and bio-dynamic products, as well as a commitment to sustainability. We collaborate with our clients to create the ideal menu for each occasion, utilizing a wide range of culinary alternatives ranging from avant-garde cuisine to comfort food.


Mangia and Enjoy

Mangia and Enjoy with Chef Sarah Chianese and her incredible staff! desires nothing more than to serve you and your loved ones with the most delectable, heart-warming, healthy, and fresh meals possible, using local, organic, and seasonal foods in a creative way – your experience, your palate’s joy, and always…always…made with love! Flavorful, local, organic, seasonal, farm fresh food! All dietary restrictions and preferences are gladly accommodated in a very personalized manner. After all, it’s YOUR wish… and we always want to make sure you and your guests have a great gustatory experience in every aspect… from the delectable food to the impeccable service.


The Gastro Box

The Gastro Box is a local food catering service that prepares all of your favorites with a cool new twist on traditional fare. We make real cuisine for real people with fresh ingredients, a side of tastiness, and a dollop of eye-candy. We have something for everyone, whether it’s lunch, dinner, or something in between. Choose The Gastro Box for your next occasion, gift, or craving fix and experience expertly prepared nibbles with a warm, home-cooked flavour without the home-cooked bother.



My husband and I began making Charcuterie Boards for friends and family, but via word of mouth, we have grown to provide our services to the general public. We adore designing something unique for you that allows you to gather your friends and families, eat delicious cuisine, and make lasting memories. Every item that goes into your bespoke board is hand-selected, and we take great pride in our curation. Only the freshest and finest local ingredients are used by us.


Bethel Boards & Grazing

Grazing tables or individual snack boxes for each of your guests will ensure that they remember your event for years to come! This is much more than a cheese board, and it can be utilized as a centerpiece, main dish, or anything else. Your visitors will not only be satisfied, but everything will also be attractive to the eye! Grazing options are totally customizable, from matching your wedding’s aesthetic to ensuring your table or boxes are stocked with your favorite meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and other delicacies.


Blades Events

At Blades, you may celebrate safely, privately, and joyfully!

Discover our rustic charm in 6,000 square feet of event space, as well as a beautiful outdoor patio and bar. We can build or alter any menu to fit the theme and budget of your party. We prepare all of our food from scratch in our kitchen and are happy to accommodate any particular dietary requirements.


Board & Bacon

Let’s start grazing…

Bring a fresh perspective to the table. For a variety of occasions, Board’N’Bacon offers wonderful displays of meats, cheeses, handcrafted supplies, and local fruit. Weddings, showers, graduations, birthdays, and even date evenings are all excellent occasions for our snacking selections. Every grazing table is different and may be customized.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. For a personalised quote, please contact us now.


Table and Board Grazing Co.

Table & Board is a culinary experience and product firm that specializes in artisan grazing boxes, boards, and tables, as well as custom picnics. Handcrafted and curated platters, cheese and charcuterie boards, grazing tables, and event catering are among the services we provide.


Harvest Table 

Two childhood friends with a passion for food, wine, and socializing created this restaurant.

Harvest Table creates opulent grazing boxes that encourage a unique and good social interaction through food. For our grazing boxes, we use high-quality, locally sourced meats, cheese, and ingredients. Our premium modern charcuterie boxes have the power to create exceptional experiences that will leave a lasting impact and assist to foster memories with friends and loved ones since we believe in high quality food and bringing people together.

By designing an interactive food experience that you can share or gift, we hope to enrich your social experience with your friends, family, and loves. Gather, smile, and laugh

Frequently Asked Grazing Table Questions

It’s a grazing table, as the name implies! It’s similar to a buffet, but it’s been intended to be visually appealing and easy to pick and nibble at food for guests. It’s most commonly a table, but it could also be a large platter, wooden board, counter, or any other large, flat surface. Food items aren’t always contained on plates or bowls, but rather piled beautifully in stacks that spill, overlap, and tangle into one another, making it seem as good as it tastes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is organized chaos.

It’s appropriate for a wide range of corporate events, attendees, themes, and budgets, and it never fails to impress.

A “grazing table” is a tablescape with elegantly arranged meats, cheese, crudité, seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations, and serving tools and dishes, as well as seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations, and serving utensils and dishes. It’s a casual approach for you and your guests to get to know one another without having to cook and prepare a formal meal.

On a grazing table, you won’t find a chafing dish! It’s frequently brimming with finger foods, making it easier for attendees to mingle while nibbling. At room temperature, the meal should also keep well.

On grazing tables, cheese, fruit, and charcuterie boards and platters are usual, but you can have any type of food you desire, depending on your budget and theme. Breads, dips, breadsticks, crackers, raw vegetables, condiments, bite-sized finger sandwiches, sweet snacks, pretzels, fresh and dried fruit, almonds, olives, etc,. Here, the options are limitless.

Setup is simple and low maintenance.

  • Instead of worrying about replenishing a chafing dish, you can spend more time with your guests.
  • Gives you a full-fledged eating experience.
  • Allows your guests to sample a little bit of everything
  • Allows you to be inventive and unique when it comes to your grazing table.


The price of a grazing table varies based on how intricate it is, the quality of the ingredients used, and the size of the table. A full-looking 5-foot kitchen table should cost between $100 and $150.

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