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Making people happy, crafting and decorating anything I can get my hands on, and finally… FOOD are three of my greatest pleasures in life.

In the midst of chasing my life’s greatest pleasures to family and friends, platters + blossoms was born, a company where I get to share with you.

What I’ve learned growing up is that life can get so hectic in the routine every day that we rarely have time to enjoy the company of loved ones, let alone organise something that everyone will remember.

So I devised a plan to start a company that can add a caring touch to everything from a fantastic date night with your lover to your lavish wedding day.

Moo Moo 2 U

For our clients and their guests, we create a one-of-a-kind event. We offer personalised Grazing Tables, including vegan and vegetarian alternatives, catered to your event from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. We give competent customer service in addition to delicious meals. At your event, you can expect an additional unique element of innovation, delectable cuisine, ambience, and flawless execution.

Moo Moo Restaurant’s award-winning chefs have created custom menus for you and your guests to enjoy high-quality, sustainably sourced cuisine.

Our expert chefs, outstanding catering supervisors, and friendly wait staff will go above and beyond your expectations.

The Italian job catering

All of our Grazing Boards include a delectable assortment of cured meats, exquisite cheeses, breads, dips, and jams, as well as nuts, seasonal fruits, and berries.

From Brisbane to Byron Bay and the surrounding areas. The ideal grazing board for a wedding, a gathering of friends, or a corporate function. The grazing table gold coast is a light graze that pairs well with pre-dinner beverages.

Canapés and starters can be replaced by Grazing Tables. Food is an important part of any event, and we put a lot of thought into each grazing board we create. They connect visitors between the ceremony and the reception without forcing them to wait for the crew to arrive. Grazing tables aren’t just a wedding trend for 2019, but they’re also a trend for 2019.

Heart Heart Florals & Events

Grazing tables/stations are inexpensive, attractive, and delicious, and they provide a fantastic social element to any gathering.

As part of our pop-up picnic packages, Heart Heart Events offers luxury platters and grazing, as well as stand-alone grazing tables / grazing stations for up to 300 people.

Our deluxe Grazing Stations / Grazing Tables are for a minimum of 25 people, and our affordable pricing includes delivery, set-up, and cleanup, as well as professionally styled florals and greenery, wooden/marble boards, high-end cheese knives, and props – all of which can be beautifully styled to match any theme or colour scheme. Alternatively, we may supply a lovely, fully disposable table. For $55 per, add a wooden picnic trestle. Tell us about yourself.


Through lavish, culinary displays of exquisite cheese, cured meats, and gourmet dips and spreads, The Grazing Table Company offers one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences. For gatherings of any size, we provide a unique alternative to standard catering. Birthdays, private gatherings, weddings, Christmas parties, and smaller, more personal occasions like proposals or anniversaries are all perfect for our snacking tables. Through themed props, painstaking attention to detail, and delectable cuisine, we weave a wonderful tale into the core of our creations. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for more than just catering, something that will help you create a really unforgettable event.

Cool Character Costume & Party Hire

Graze Table’s aim is to make snacking a communal experience. Bring your friends and family to your table for a delicious meal.

We customize your order based on the sort of event you’re holding and the number of guests who will be dining at your table.

For your next event or party, elevate your snacking with a grazing table, charcuterie gold coast or charcuterie board. Ideal for parties and holidays!

Milk and Honey Styling

Picnic and event/party styling for all of your upcoming birthdays, hen parties, baby showers, kids parties, proposals, and get-togethers!

All of the picnic elements are styled, put up, and packed away to make your celebration the most memorable ever!

We are centrally positioned between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but can accommodate guests from the Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay.

Everything is included in our Styling Packages, so all you need to bring is your tribe.

Alternatively, you may hire everything and do it yourself.


Pallet Picnics, a “instagrammable” picnic company, is here to provide the most idyllic picnic setting for all of your occasions. As a qualified stylist, I’m here to help you create the most amazing environment that you and your guests will swoon over and brag about on social media. Pallet Picnics has everything you need for a stress-free and pleasant occasion. Picnic Set-ups, Grazing Platters, and Platter Hampers are all available.

We are ecstatic to collaborate with you to create a memorable event. Danae and the Pallet Picnic staff send their best wishes.

VGC Catering 

VGC Catering is the stress-free way to cater an event on the Gold Coast. For your wedding or business occasion, our catering crew provides a professional and dedicated service. We promise a memorable dining experience with bookings available around the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, and surrounding locations.

For many years, we’ve been making unique meals and canapés. VGC Catering is a multi-award-winning caterer, demonstrating our commitment to quality.

We are a Gold Coast-based company with a local staff that understands the importance of commitment to a successful event. We, unlike many other catering firms, make ourselves available to help you organize your event.

Roaming Events

For the next event… to your festival pleasure. Our mobile caravan and pop-up bars provide beautiful picnic grassing arrangements for pitches, wall pictures and more – your celebration will be this special environment.

We like travelling and covering all regions from Gold Coast to Toowoomba, Brisbane and Noosa, located on the lovely sunshine coast of the Glass House Mountains. We can customize packages and styles to match your celebration as every occasion is so unique.

For Love & Living

For love and life, create aesthetically lovely moments that are unique for couples on their marriage day. Inspired by the art of conveying the tale, we provide each of our couples with authentic wedding designs. With a style that is fun, easy and discernible, emotional, intimate and memorable.

For Love and Living is a boutique event that brings together wedding planning, styling and hiring services to Gold Coast, North NSW, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.

Rustic Platters & Events 

The popular adornments for any occasion are grazing tables. You not only satisfy the appetite of your visitor, but also provide your event with the most heavenly environment.

Rustic Gourmet platters complement your more privileged parties well. However, it’s all doable if you want numerous discs for larger events.

Planning on the beach in the afternoon or want to pamper somebody? All of this is made free with our Picnic and Gift boxes. Each box is unique and fully created for your taste buds and has three different sizes for your budget to select from.

The Happy Grazer

We are a company run by a local family that specializes in grassland for your event! For any occasion, we make premium dishes. We provide DIY grass kits and put up our nice tables, and for each occasion we give platter boxes including a bottle of wine, beer or spirits for 2 persons and more.

Our job begins with you: to understand what you need, so that we can offer a range of alternatives and price points. From start to finish, we will work with you to ensure you are happy. If you wish to have a smaller option in a romantic picnic, you are the ones who feed 5 or more people.

All Styles Catering

We collaborate with you to create 1 metre grazing table gold coast and platters of various sizes that suit your personal style or a specific subject, but that is most important. Tables of grazing and platters on the Gold Coast are designed to impress your guests and feed the most fashionable ones.

That Pizza Guy

We provide your visitors a non-stop service till everyone is complete (regardless of time). Our menu serves a couple of every taste from top to bottom. We then open the trailer to visitors’ preferences so that they can again eat their favorite pizza.

All our pizzas are hand-picked with fresh dough and a great puffy crust. It gives a wonderful base. We produce our own sauce using the best components from local vendors. With everything on site, it’s very fresh, hot and offers your visitors the complete flavor of how to eat. Excellent grass tables, salads, gelato and various options for dessert are provided.

Pop & Grazes

Our beautifully arranged gourmet pasture tables are filled with local, freshest seasonal food.

Premium antipasto, sweet delicacies, delicious dips, joyous fruits and flavoursome veggies flow across rustic rounds of wood. The widespread assortment of Italian bread and crackers adds colour to the range to meet the highest carbohydrates.

Why wait until the big occasion to enjoy Pop & Graze’s most delectable products. Our grazing boxes are the perfect example for a cosy night in or prepared to spend a spacious night. when only a few of you are there. Designed for 2-6 people with all the greatest items from our bigger family.


Platt Co. has wonderful cheese and grass plates to construct, assemble and decorate for sharing. For any event or night in order to thrill you and your guests, we provide a range of platter gold coast, platter boxes and snacking tables.

Pleasant, convenient and magnificent food options are available for any events or gatherings. Each Platter Co. grass is distinct, not only with wow effect, but also with flavor. Each element of the plate is carefully positioned and produced. Platter Co. were the first grazing specialists in Geelong and we trusted them to take care of everything from weddings to company events, wakes, anniversaries and birth in the 5 years since we launched them in 2016.

My Alter Ego Catering

Naturally, we are proud to offer exceptional service and finest quality products, but we are all about you. Since 2012, we’ve made the cuisine fantasies of Brisbane come true. In each taste and each dish we create tailor-made experiences.

The description of what we need or need to cater is what we do. This is exactly what we do. This is your unique time, from a work lunch to a wedding, and we are here to make sure that it’s better than you could have thought. Late RSVPs, diet restrictions or unique creations from your brain to the plates are all at work in a day. Nothing is too large or too little.

Little Greek Kitchen

Little Greek Kitchen is your partner for mobile BBQ, Buffet and Catering.

Greek authentic meals – whether it is your wedding, business event, birthday, Christmas party or other events – for your unique occasion. We serve all the way to Brisbane from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast.

Lily Bell

We provide alternatives for pop-up picnics and grazings, tailored to suit your occasion, and can meet special food and vegetarian requirements! All packages from Noosa to Caloundra include delivery, setting up, styling and download.

Includes white or dark tables of wood, carpets, cushions, glass, rose-gold cupboards, pressed linen napkins, Moroccan pans, covers, cane beach chairs, fixed lighting, fairy lights (for sunset picnics). On request, teepee size for adults. Trips up to 30 kilometers from Coolum included.

Scrumptious Grazing

We know how to enjoy a budget with the most varied and chic palates. We enjoyed creative, tasty cuisine for our guests. Whether you are too busy cooking, want a dinner party or a hundred-year event, we will be producing cuisine that is fantastic and tastes great.

If you want to build on the aforementioned basic rental packages, we have a lot of accessories for your hiring, including: signage, cheese boards, picnic tray, strawberry pockets, Ferris Cupcake wheel, flora and other items. For the delivery price, ask for an extra fee from Helensvale which is conveniently placed or delivered between Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Manny’s Catering

Manny’s Catering offers a choice of special menus that may be designed precisely to meet your unique needs: from sandwich plates to finger food platters to cans to buffets and pasture tables, an à la carte, high tea and fine dining, all from the lowest budget to the “all included” packages.

Chef Emmanuel “Manny” Cohergne heads a committed team of experts that provide courteous and excellent catering services and make sure your event is always entertaining and informative.

The chef Manny may also be hired for a personalized home dining experience, as your trustworthy private chef.


Born in Sydney, the now north-facing gold coastal business, Bliss Boards designs and builds grazing tables, picnic boxes for your special event. Bliss Boards is a catering business.

Bliss Boards came into being when Bec and Lisbon (that is, “Bliss”) were two best friends and they went to Europe to enjoy an insane amount of cheese. Bec and Lissabon loved cheese. In a whole “screw it, let’s just do it” time, inspired by our trips, but completely without regrets.


Whether it is for a family breakfast or a marriage with more than a hundred guests, weed tables are a wonderful method of feeding a multitude. The simplest solution is to go to one of our Grass Table Hire Packages outlined below if you are looking at the rental of your baseboards and supplies. However, if you need anything more specialized or want to only rent a few items instead of the complete package,

For your grazing table, we propose a mix of at least two/three color pallets. We provide rustic timber (silver, white, pink, blue or green) as well as yellow, pink and rose gold.

Saycheese bone

When you’re seeking for a tricky catering option that’s your party’s talking, don’t look anymore. A Say Cheese grass table is perfect for any event, whether this is a major milestone or a modest party. Our grassy tables are jam-packed and stylish to make your event the highlight. Our staff will work with you to guarantee that your graze is precisely what you thought about it and that it can adapt to your nutritional needs. Tell your guests to wear extended pants to achieve the greatest outcomes…


Our variety of rental services encompasses all things from tables and chairs, bars, glasses and crockery to soft decorative items and fabrics to amazing light.

Our hiring staff is skilled and competent. We have an experienced home delivery crew which is always higher and higher. Your rented products are delivered in good shape and on schedule.

Please contact us for guidance if you don’t know exactly what it will suit your style or location. We are pleased to make a proposal and quotation for you and can help you in the proper way.

Celebration Set Ups

We’re not going to wait for your next pop up meeting in the Boho Style!

Boho picnics are well designed and popular for all occasions… birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, Hens parties, festivals, festivities, parties for children, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… the list is up and out! Even a wedding area offers visitors a relaxing feeling and a space to mix and enjoy their incredible day.

Our Boho Picnic Packages begin at just $60 and are of exceptional value! Please read to get all the facts you need to know about our Luxe and Deluxe packages. Scroll down to complete our contact form and see pictures from previous events.

Hummingbird and catering

The Hummingbird & Co Catering Organization is a full company offering various choices for the mobile bar, the catering and the style of the catering industry. Byron Bay, Tweed Hinterland and Ballina, the Golden Coast service.

We adore marriage and can arrange anything from post-grazing ceremonies and progressive couches up to a leisurely festival or communal celebration. Also, we enjoy late night banquets to entice your guests to dance the evening if you require something.

Gold Coast Pop Up Picnics 

I have personal experience of this lively and thrilling city as a girl of the fifth generation Gold Coast. My Gold Coast Pop Up Picnics business came into being, along with my love of arranging stunning outdoor gatherings.

I understand how stressful lives can be, being a busy mother of two lovely boys. It might be tough to plan and arrange for exceptional and unforgettable events.

We have developed stunning themed picnics at Gold Coast Pop Up Picnics, along with tasty dishes and exciting outdoor activities for hosting your own incredible outdoor celebrations.

Alfresco Pop up Picnics

There is no better time for the world to assemble your favorite people and have a tasty and elegant Alfresco picnic. The Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay have supplied picnics since 2017. Since then, Enjoy prepared grazing boards or bring a picnic of your own with any intolerance and allergy.

Frequently Asked Grazing Table Questions

It’s a grazing table, as the name implies! It’s similar to a buffet, but it’s been intended to be visually appealing and easy to pick and nibble at food for guests. It’s most commonly a table, but it could also be a large platter, wooden board, counter, or any other large, flat surface. Food items aren’t always contained on plates or bowls, but rather piled beautifully in stacks that spill, overlap, and tangle into one another, making it seem as good as it tastes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is organized chaos.

It’s appropriate for a wide range of corporate events, attendees, themes, and budgets, and it never fails to impress.

A “grazing table” is a tablescape with elegantly arranged meats, cheese, crudité, seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations, and serving tools and dishes, as well as seasonal fruit, flowers, decorations, and serving utensils and dishes. It’s a casual approach for you and your guests to get to know one another without having to cook and prepare a formal meal.

On a grazing table, you won’t find a chafing dish! It’s frequently brimming with finger foods, making it easier for attendees to mingle while nibbling. At room temperature, the meal should also keep well.

On grazing tables, cheese, fruit, and charcuterie boards and platters are usual, but you can have any type of food you desire, depending on your budget and theme. Breads, dips, breadsticks, crackers, raw vegetables, condiments, bite-sized finger sandwiches, sweet snacks, pretzels, fresh and dried fruit, almonds, olives, etc,. Here, the options are limitless.

Setup is simple and low maintenance.

  • Instead of worrying about replenishing a chafing dish, you can spend more time with your guests.
  • Gives you a full-fledged eating experience.
  • Allows your guests to sample a little bit of everything
  • Allows you to be inventive and unique when it comes to your grazing table.


The price of a grazing table varies based on how intricate it is, the quality of the ingredients used, and the size of the table. A full-looking 5-foot kitchen table should cost between $100 and $150.

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