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wedding expenses, Hypley

A wedding is a special and unique event. Here, all that you do is out of love! It’s not a typical accounts lecture where you are recording all the transactions under respective heads.

There are no obligations or predefined regulations as to who pays for what in a wedding. For centuries, tradition has been that the bride’s family bears most of the wedding expensesBut times have changed!

Modern couples prefer paying for their wedding on their own. Very few still hold the notion of conducting a wedding in the old and traditional way.

According to modern study, most of the United States nationals prefer splitting up the wedding expenses into equal halves, to avoid any type of complications during the wedding.

It would always be sensible on your part to discuss these financial matters with the family, or close friends. Make sure you note down all the relevant points from the discussion.

Modern families rarely hold on to age-old customs. All they ever wish for is a fantastic wedding! But still, if they have their methods and rituals, we have come up with some of the believed conventions, to help you out with the wedding budget:

Wedding Planner/Manager

If you want to give a head start to your wedding arrangements, looking for a wedding planner would be the best option. Well, there is no such rule as to who has to hire the wedding planner. Though, as per traditions, it has been the bride’s family that pays to the wedding managers.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Wedding Dress

Well, it’s your wedding! You have waited for all these years to wear custom-made designer clothes and, finally, you get to own one! Maybe this is your only wish to father before the wedding or, a self-treat, being financially independent. The custom of the bride’s family to pay for the dresses is validated no more.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Wedding Rings & Bands

Nothing more simple than this. After walking down the aisle, the bridegroom proposes with the wedding ring that he purchased and, the bride accepts the wedding by tying her purchased wedding band to the groom’s hand.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Catering for Ceremony/Reception

Customs lay it down, as the bride’s family should pay for the catering. And, the groom’s family looks after the marriage license fee and the officiant fee, whether a Justice of the peace or a Clergy member. The average wedding catering cost per person amounts to around $40 in the United States.

wedding expenses, Hypley


Studies show that modern United States families split up the budget while booking a rental company for the wedding. Otherwise, it was always the bride’s family before.

wedding expenses, Hypley

RSVP Invitation Cards

Selecting templates, printing wedding info, posting RSVP cards, are some of the responsibilities still taken up by the bride’s family. Yeah, inviting someone to the wedding via social media, comes at no cost. But, as they say, traditions!

wedding expenses, Hypley

Pre-Wedding Parties

A wedding is a collective bonding. For generations, the bride’s family has been arranging luncheon for the bridesmaids. But when it comes to bachelor or bachelorette parties, the would-be-married couple can heave a sigh of relief! It’s all up to friends and colleagues.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Accommodation & Transprotation

When it comes to the big wedding day, looking after the accommodation and transportation of guests, is important. The bride’s family looks after the accommodation and transportation of the bridesmaids. Similarly, the groom’s family arranges for transportation and lodging of the groomsmen.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Rehearsal Dinner

The next day we have a big wedding day coming up, but now let’s concentrate on the rehearsal dinner. It is advisable to host it at the groom’s place, as his family will be bearing the expenses.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Wedding Gifts

Here, we have a simple solution. The bride’s family looks after the bridesmaid’s gifts and, the bridegroom pays for the groomsmen gifts at the wedding.

wedding expenses, Hypley


Traditionally, it has always the groom’s family who have paid for the married couple’s honeymoon expenses. In many cases, couples have borne all the honeymoon related wedding expenses on their own. Setting up a honeymoon fund box at the wedding for the guests to donate some money is a common sight nowadays.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Photographer & Wedding photo booth

Booking a professional wedding photographer and renting a photo booth from a rental company, is a task generally looked after by the bride’s family.

wedding expenses, Hypley

Decoration and Flowers

Generally, the wedding venue rental company manages all the venue decorations. But in case, if the venue doesn’t provide you with the wedding florals, then the bride’s family has to arrange for the wedding decorators from outside. The flowers section as to say the bouquets, the greeting flowers are the duties of the groom’s family.

wedding expenses, Hypley


Two souls are tying the knot. It’s not just the marriage of convenience, but also the marriage of two hearts!

So our recommendation is always to split up the wedding expenses between the two families.

If the couple is financially independent and takes their responsibility, then try to divide the budget into three parts, one-third borne by the couple and the rest of it by their families. What a lovely gesture, isn’t it?

May all your wedding wishes come true. Try and plan your wedding budget well before the dates. And have a blast!

Best of luck from our family!

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